Libelium celebrates The Annual IoT Conference with 100 experts on the Internet of Things from 20 countries

June 18, 2018




Libelium celebrates The Annual IoT Conference with 100 experts on the Internet of Things from 20 countries



Zaragoza, 18th June 2018


Libelium, designer and manufacturer of technology for smart cities, is holding an international conference in Spain with experts in Internet of Things solutions. Bringing together a hundred representatives from 20 worldwide countries, the event will be held on 21 and 22 June in Zaragoza, the city that hosts the Libelium headquarters.



The conference includes several working sessions in which specialists will showcase the latest IoT technology applications in two key areas: environmental sustainability and the urban environment. Participants will be able to discover the most innovative projects in precision agriculture, intelligent water management, environmental monitoring of air quality, noise pollution and intelligent parking management.


The event program includes the participation of international representatives of renowned multinational technology companies such as Ericsson, Vodafone, Arrow and Schreder, as well as others specialized in specific vertical solutions for improving productivity in vineyards, noise control in airports, water quality monitoring in Asian fish farms and the management of public parking spaces in shopping malls and cities.


Alicia Asín and David Gascón, co-founders of Libelium, will participate as hosts, revealing the latest trends in the IoT technology market in which many telecommunications companies, device manufacturers, software developers and cloud platforms operate.


Libelium’s technological platform is committed to the interoperability of different sensors that allow the measurement of any parameter through any wireless communication protocol and send the recorded data to multiple cloud platforms. In this way, the ecosystem of collaborating companies and alliances that Libelium has reached in recent years provide compatibility with large companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Indra, Telefónica, Nec, Ericsson and Telnet, among manyothers.


Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Aragonese winery Pago Aylés (Cariñena) where Libelium has implemented a precision agriculture project to monitor the growth of the vineyards.



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