ABM chooses Inugo for frictionless parking at 18 Downtown San Diego parking lots

July 09, 2018


ABM chooses Inugo for frictionless parking at 18 Downtown San Diego parking lots





Inugo has announced that their frictionless parking technology will be used in ABM’s eighteen downtown lots in downtown San Diego to improve customer experience and speed of payment.




Inugo is leading the parking industry with new frictionless technologies based on Bluetooth™, LTE™ and GPS wireless technologies.  For ungated surface parking lots, Inugo’s advanced geo-fencing technology creates a virtual boundary so that drivers who enter the boundary can start a parking session with the touch of a button on the Inugo mobile app. The user’s credit card will be charged when the parking session has ended.


“We are excited that ABM has chosen Inugo for frictionless parking in San Diego” said Sam Barclay, CEO “Our unique technology offers ABM the ability to easily manage their sites from a single cloud based portal, significantly reducing operational costs.  Users love that they can find parking, park easily and pay when they are done without needing to line up and pay manually at a pay machine.”


Frictionless, ticketless and cashless payments are controlled in this platform, so all parking payments can be tracked. Rates can be varied per site and special pricing can be preloaded.


“Inugo is the perfect solution for ABM”, said Josh Boen, Operations Manager for ABM. “Our mission is to make a difference for our customers every day, and Inugo helps us improve our customer experience by making the parking experience frictionless.”  Says Boen “Inugo also offers us the ability to manage complex parking operations through a simple to use cloud portal, including pricing and occupancy, Inugo just simplifies the whole process.”


Inugo is the developer of the Inugo Smart Gate Controller, the Inugo App and the Inugo Operator portal, which together make frictionless parking a reality in gated or ungated parking facilities.



Inugo was founded to revolutionize the way that we Find, Park and Payfor parking. It not only offers time efficiencies and faster turnaround of stalls but it is also the only ticketless and cashless parking experience.

Parking professionals have an opportunity to utilize their under-used parking facilities and generate a revenue. Inugo offers a  simple, seamless and cost effective parking management tool which allows Parking Operators to configure multiple parking facilities and add differentiated rates while catering to diverse user groups.


The Inugo App is available for iOS and Android users.




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