ECO Falcon Vision Catches Flight!

August 29, 2018



ECO Falcon Vision Catches Flight!



In conjunction with Clark Pacific and Cal State University @ Sacramento, ECO Lighting Solutions has provided their new ECO FlexTech type II Center Run LED fixture, where a single fixture down the center replaces the traditional two fixtures per section. This results in excellent performance, coupled with first cost savings and installation savings.


Also, on this new 1850 space campus garage, is the new camera-based ECO Falcon Vision Parking Guidance system.  Falcon Vision is the world’s only wireless parking guidance solution, AND the world’s only integrated system within a light fixture.


The team experienced huge first cost and installation savings with the integrated parking guidance solution over a traditional parking guidance solution that requires dedicated power and control runs throughout the garage.


An additional benefit of integrating the parking guidance into the light fixture is the resultant wireless lighting control system that meets the CA Title 24 energy code.  It is projected that the resultant energy savings from the Falcon Vision system will cover the cost of the complete system.


Contact Farid Ibrahim at Clark PARC or Jeff Pinyot at ECO Falcon Vision for more project details.