Lancaster Parking Authority Releases New Strategic Plan

September 14, 2018



Lancaster Parking Authority Releases New Strategic Plan




LANCASTER, PA.  – The Lancaster Parking Authority (LPA) has approved a new strategic plan to guide its direction and operation through 2021. The plan, approved by the Board of Directors at its Aug. 23 meeting, is available here, or by visiting the, selecting the General Info tab on the top navigation bar, and choosing Strategic Plan.




The plan has four focus areas: communications and hospitality; long-term planning; human resources development, and strategic engagement. Each area includes priorities, action steps, and ways to measure success.


“This plan was developed with extensive public input,” said Larry J. Cohen, CAPP, executive director of the Lancaster Parking Authority. “We asked the public to tell us what they think, and we used what we heard to help plan our future direction.”


Public input was gathered at a spring public meeting and from more than 300 completed online-surveys, said Cohen. Stakeholder interviews, a Board planning session, and work by LPA staff were also part of the process, he said. The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) led the planning process.


“Our new board is directing the LPA to be a partner to help promote the City in specific ways that benefit residents, businesses and the people who visit,” said Cohen.


The LPA also made changes to its mission, now focusing on “supporting the livability, growth and development of the city for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.”


“It was a lengthy planning process, but well worth the time and investment. This plan will guide our direction through 2021,” said Cohen, who added that this is the third strategic plan produced under his leadership.


“As Lancaster continues to grow, we want to be strategic in our planning and be seen as a valued partner and resource for the city,” said Cohen.


The Lancaster Parking Authority (LPA) is a self-supporting municipal authority incorporated in 1967 under the Commonwealth’s parking authority law of 1947, to serve the City’s needs. It is governed by a five-member board, appointed to staggered five-year terms by the Mayor of Lancaster, and administered by an executive director and staff.