MeterFeeder Attends Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, OH

October 24, 2018

MeterFeeder Attends Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, OH



Columbus (OH) – The second annual Smart Regions Conference is kicking off Thursday, October 25th in Columbus, OH. MeterFeeder will be attending as a featured exhibitor, alongside the likes of companies like Verizon, AT&T, Oracle, and Cisco.



The conference is being sponsored by Venture Smarter, a company who is focused on bringing people, platforms, and partners together to build smart cities. In fact, the main theme of the conference is going to be working together to build smart cities. Some activities include panel discussions and presentations on things like critical infrastructure, smart mobility, autonomous transportation, and scientific data collection.

Teams of innovators will get to pitch project plans while competing for more than $50 million dollars in prize money and support.

MeterFeeder can be found at Booth 14 in the Innovation Corridor area of the event. They will be showing off their pay-by-phone system, enforcement tools, and their new patent-pending Pay-By-Vehicle technology. Pay-By-Vehicleallows vehicles of all types (including fleet vehicles and autonomous vehicles) to pay for parking automatically upon being powered off in a geolocated parking space. This technology could pave the way for a fully autonomous curbside experience every hour of the day.

MeterFeeder is excited to take part in the activities in Columbus this week. Come see us at Booth 14 on Thursday and Friday!


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