NPA ISSUE ALERT: Parking Industry Launches Parking United Agenda

November 16, 2018



Parking Industry Launches Parking United Agenda

NPA Members:

This is an NPA Issue Alert: The NPA Board of Directors established a new strategic plan to focus on the pressing issues, opportunities and distribution facing the parking industry. The NPA Strategic Plan has three pillars 1) Be Recognized as The Leading Authority & Advocate for the Parking Industry; 2) Advance Member Experience & Value through the Power of Collaboration; and 3) Define the Future of Parking.

As a result of this plan, NPA has developed an integrated plan to participate, collaborate and lead on research and advocacy issues that can impact the parking industry. Parking United is the movement to rally industry supporters for fund a $1 million research and advocacy program. Early supporters of the program are listed below.

Reducing Congestion Study with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): NPA’s first effort to transform parking industry research is to enter the larger transportation and mobility space bringing new thought leadership, which includes a vision for reducing congestion, fostering public/private collaboration and highlighting parking’s congestion fighting role.

Today, there is no congestion pricing in the United States. But, as cities and states struggle with unbalanced budgets, pension short-falls and traffic congestion—positive solutions not regressive actions should be considered

Congestion Policy: NPA supports fair and equitable zoning and planning for infrastructure use that maximizes the effectiveness of cities for the movement of people, goods and services with a citizen/consumer centered approach based on community needs as the driver for decision making. Parking is one lever in the first/last mile of transportation. An Ecosystem Approach to Reducing Congestion brings you as parking leaders into the dialogue with a fact-based tool you can share with political leaders, planners and allies.

NPA Reducing Congestion launch: In New York City on November 13, NPA met with the financial markets, investors and the media in mid-town Manhattan to provide advance copies of the reducing congestion study in advance of a series of media briefings from November-January.

In the Know: NPA News Releases Announcing Study Findings: A series of NPA news releases will release key study findings. News releases will be available HERE on the release dates.

  • November 14: NPA Releases Groundbreaking Study on New Ways to Reduce Congestion for Livable Cities. Study Highlights Congestion Facts, Planning Models and New Congestion Fighting Tools. CLICK HERE
  • November 17: NPA Announces Study Findings with New Ways to Reduce Congestion for Livable Cities. Study Highlights Congestion Facts, Planning Models and New Congestion Fighting Tools
  • November 26: NPA Supports Study Findings for Mobility Hubs and Shared Parking to Get Rid of Gridlock. PwC Study an Ecosystem Approach to Reducing Congestion Provides New Policy Tools

Quotes from the Study:

“Parking is an important tool and has the ability to reduce congestion.”

“Parking can be an effective tool to declutter roads and reduce curb congestion.”

“Although its congestion-fighting potential hasn’t always been recognized, parking is important to the smooth functioning of a city’s transportation ecosystem.”

“The introduction of mobility hubs, curb management, adaptive design and advanced automation all provide options for improving the use of existing infrastructure and its capacity.”

NPA Role: Support a pro parking agenda that demonstrates the value of parking today and in the future with applications for smart parking, shared parking and mobility within a transportation ecosystem. NPA will advocate for planning and zoning policies that provide common sense solutions to make mobility easy with an emphasis on mobility hubs, reinventing the curb and reducing/eliminating parking minimums.

Your Role:

  1. Join us in Parking United as a project investor to support the development of research and studies that support the future of parking. Email to get more information.
  2. Download the study and share with legislators HERE

Special Thanks:

Our thanks to the first Parking United funders to step forward to support the study were: The Forge Company, LAZ Parking, SP+, and System Property Development Company Inc./Motor Parks, LLC. Special thanks to Rick West, Managing Member, West FSI, LLC, and Chair of NPA’s Government Relations Work Group, for his insights and leadership.

With best regards,

Christine Banning, IOM, CAE

President, National Parking Association