CivicSmart Unveils Next Generation “Smart Parking” Offerings at Gulf Traffic 2018 in Dubai

December 06, 2018




CivicSmart Unveils Next Generation “Smart Parking” Offerings at Gulf Traffic 2018 in Dubai



MILWAUKEE, Wis.(December 5, 2018) –CivicSmart, Inc., an innovator of “Next Generation” Smart Parking technologies is pleased to announce a series of “First of its Kind” offerings at Gulf Traffic 2018, held at the Dubai World Trade Center from December 4-6 (Booth Z1.C70).




CivicSmart’s latest developments demonstrate the power of Smart Parking unconstrained by legacy technology limitations.  These solutions work together to allow municipalities around the world to deliver unprecedented levels of convenience for motorists while generating new revenues, greater efficiencies and comprehensive parking data for municipal parking programs.


Among the groundbreaking, interoperable technologies that CivicSmart is showcasing this week are their:


Automated On-street Reservation System, which the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced in October at the 38th Gitex Technology Week also held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.  This system allows motorists to use the “Smart Parking Reservation” feature in the RTA’s mobile app to locate and reserve on-street spaces at a premium rate and is powered by CivicSmart technology including its highly-accurate vehicle detection sensors and curbside reservation indicators.


Wireless Electronic Permits thathave a unique ID which is read by CivicSmart’s sensors to identify when a specific vehicle parks in an on-street parking space. This allows for seamless permit management by detecting when authorized vehicles enter a regulated space and notifying enforcement officers in real-time when an unpermitted vehicle does so. Electronic permits eliminate most permit fraud and counterfeiting.


Automated On-street Parking Payments (“Park and Walk”).  By linking CivicSmart’s wireless permit to a payment account, when a vehicle with a permit enters a paid parking space, the sensor automatically detects the permit and initiates billing of the motorist’s account without the motorist having to pay at a meter or through a mobile app.  The motorist can simply “Park and Walk” away.  Billing continues until the vehicle departs the space.


Curb Mount Sensor  For municipalities in warm-weather climates that do not want to core drill in the pavement to install a subterranean sensor, CivicSmart’s latest sensor configuration can be attached to the vertical face of the curb. This low profile sensor has a detachable faceplate allowing it to be relocated at minimal cost, and it delivers exceptional accuracy due to the ideal angle for detecting the side of a vehicle.  As “curb management” becomes more important for cities, this is a powerful solution for the management of loading zones, bus zones, fire hydrants, handicapped spaces, and no stopping areas.


Directed Enforcement.  CivicSmart’s map-based enforcement software integrates sensor data with meter payments, mobile payments, automated “Park and Walk” payments, and wireless permits to direct officers in real-time to spaces where vehicles are parked in violation.  Handheld and mobile Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems allow officers to scan plates within a second or two to check enforcement databases and pre-populate citation data for maximum speed and accuracy.



About CivicSmart

CivicSmart, Inc., is a global leader in innovative city-wide Smart Parking solutions and services, including vehicle detection sensors, smart parking meters, handheld enforcement solutions, and comprehensive parking management systems.  CivicSmart solutions have been deployed globally and CivicSmart serves over 1,500 clients.  CivicSmart is recognized as one of Government Technologymagazine’s GovTech100. More details about CivicSmart’s offerings can be found at


About CivicSmart ME

CivicSmart ME FZC, is headquartered in the UAE and India and provides Smart Parking solutions to innovative municipalities around the region.  More information about CivicSmart ME FZC can be obtained by contacting Mufaddal Nafar at