Roamy Valera, CAPP, PayByPhone – Expert On Mobility, Parking, & Technology

December 31, 2018



Roamy Valera, CAPP, PayByPhone

Expert On Mobility, Parking, & Technology




We are on the cusp of an extraordinary mobility age that will see the transition to connected smart cities and truly frictionless parking. When we get in our cars to go to work or out on the town we’ll just plug in our destination and our vehicles will guide us to the closest available parking space, automatically pay for that parking, and then add additional time to our stay if we decide to stay a little longer. That exciting reality is just around the corner, but it won’t be much longer before our cars will even be able to do the driving.


No one is better qualified to discuss mobility and parking than Roamy Valera, PayByPhone’s CEO, US and Canada. Roamy is a world-renowned parking, transportation, and mobility leader with more than 30 years of experience. In addition to leading PayByPhone, Roamy also serves as Chairman of the Board of the International Parking and Mobility Institute. PayByPhone is one of the fastest growing mobile payment companies in the world, processing more than 70 million transactions totaling more than $400 million in payments annually. Through the company’s mobile web, smartphone and smartwatch applications, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily and securely pay for parking without the hassles of waiting in line, having to carry change or risking costly fines. A subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, PayByPhone is leading the way in the creation of the mobile future.


Roamy Valera can serve as knowledgeable sources on such topics as:


The future of parking, transportation, and mobility—The advent of the connected smart city age will transform cities, making it easier than ever to travel to and from cities, and park once we get there. What will the mobility age look like and how will it impact our lives? What role will parking play? How is parking technology permitting the creation of the connected smart city and what are the most important technologies?


Smarter parking with our devices—Connectivity is the key to the success of smart cities, and some of the most important technologies, such as mobile parking payment are already available in cities across the United States. How does mobile parking payment work and how does it benefit drivers? How does mobile payment benefit cities? What are cities doing to make it easier for drivers to pay for parking with their smart phones and other devices? What will the future of mobile parking payment look like?


What is mobility and why is it important?—Mobility is the most important issue impacting urban planning, engineering, and municipal development and management. What is mobility? How is it already impacting our lives, and how will it impact cities in the future? What is parking’s role in mobility? Why is technology the key to mobility, and what are the most important technologies? What are cities across North America doing to promote mobility, and how do the individual approaches of cities differ? What is the Smart City challenge and how is it impacting cities in their efforts to promote mobility?


The future of parking—The future of the parking industry will be closely tied to mobility, transportation and transit, and technology. What is the future of parking and how will it be impacted by advances in mobility and transportation? How can cities prepare for the future of parking? How can parking owners and owners of campuses and complexes that rely on parking prepare for the future?


Where do users fit in?—Ultimately, the changes that are happening in the parking industry are intended to improve the parking experience, taking the pain points out of parking. How has technology transformed parking for drivers? Why is it important to provide a frictionless parking experience? What are parking technology companies focused on to improve the parking experience, and what does the future likely hold?



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