Rezcomm: Now Serving a Quarter of a Billion Passengers

January 23, 2019




Rezcomm: Now Serving a Quarter of a Billion Passengers



New partnerships in 2018 increase global reach for airport ecommerce experts as Boston beckons




Rezcomm experienced exciting growth in 2018 as its customer-centric approach, industry expertise and forward-thinking ethos won a host of new airport clients. Now, as the team prepares for the imminent release of a new software platform and expansion into new territories, Rezcomm’s booking and reservations software is serving more than a quarter of billion passengers worldwide.


In 2018, Rezcomm generated millions in incremental revenue to its airport clients through sales of parking and ancillary products whilst delivering further savings through streamlining operational efficiencies using its technology. The company launched its new B2B website too, providing airport, parking and marketing professionals with a host of information and resources, including a free ecommerce Marketing Advice eBook.


Following on from the new site, the newly evolved Shop platform (coming soon!) is designed specifically to address client needs with regard to user experience, client revenues and customer interface. Modelled on best practice across industries, a substantial foundation of industry experience, and with top-level PCI compliance, it opens wide the potential of the airport website as a one-stop-shop for travel customers. Shop features intuitive functionality for both user and customer and visualisation capabilities that exceed the expectation of today’s digital consumer.


And as Rezcomm forms ever more relationships with airport and venue clients, the company is also expanding in terms of affiliate partnerships that bolster the digital ecosystem for clients. With this in mind, CEO Marc Ive expects to see a healthy year-on-year growth rate for the company over the next 18 months and beyond.


Affiliates are integral in the delivery of new product extensions too. 2019 will see the launch of a new international online travel agency service, Rezcomm Travel, which, in line with advances made for Shop, will offer greater functionality for customers, including an advanced search experience, a much wider range of products and holidays, and a new ‘inspire me’ feature geared to raising the profile of an airport’s flying programme.


On a practical level, international reach crosses from the digital world to the physical as Rezcomm’s commitment to clients Stateside and beyond is underpinned by the opening of a second office in Boston, USA. This marks the start of an acceleration towards international expansion, with further satellite offices planned for the near future.


Marc Ive explains:


“The motivation behind Rezcomm’s move into the US is to support the strong expression of interest we’re receiving from airports in that territory at a more local level. While 2018 was a great year for Rezcomm with regards to new partnerships and product growth, the customer remains at the heart of everything we do. We want to make sure that our clients can rely on an extremely high level of expertise and support wherever they are in the world.”


It’s safe to say, 2019 will be an exciting year for Rezcomm and its family of airport clients. We look forward to navigating the digital landscape of ecommerce together with you as we take flight into this New Year.