PIE 2019: Are Candidates Flaky or Just Not That Into You?  – Vicki Pero,  Marlyn Group

February 25, 2019





PIE 2019: Are Candidates Flaky or Just Not That Into You?  – Vicki Pero,  Marlyn Group





Job candidates sometimes get a bad wrap from employers, because they don’t always follow through after applying for a job.  We’re letting ourselves off the hook a bit too easily if we put all of the blame on candidates though.  What gets overlooked in the labeling of candidates as flaky is a true understanding of the reasons why they disappear from the process.  Employers have a lot more control in the hiring process than they sometimes realize, and can keep candidates engaged and ultimately hired by making enhancements to the talent acquisition process.



Three areas that make a big difference in the process and can help your company stand apart from others competing for the same talent include:


  • Employer brand – does your website, social media and job ad content tell a story that will appeal to candidates and attract them to your company?
  • Application process – is it simple and easy or lengthy and complex?
  • Speed of the process – can candidates move quickly and efficiently from application to hire or are there time lags and many steps that draw out the process?


At the PIE Show on March 12th, I will be delivering a session focused on hourly workforce hiring in the parking industry called T-Minus 24 Hours to Hire The Best.  We will discuss these three areas and other ways you can improve your talent acquisition process so that your company has the opportunity to hire these applicants instead of someone else.



Vicki Pero

Principal, Marlyn Group



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