PIE 2019 – One Interview – Lots of New Hires: The Group Interview – Vicki Pero, Marlyn Group

February 11, 2019





PIE 2019 – One Interview – Lots of New Hires: The Group Interview – Vicki Pero, Marlyn Group




If you oversee a location that has high turnover at the hourly worker level or are about to open a location with several open positions to fill, you know interviewing, evaluating and hiring at a quick clip is essential to maintaining operational standards and meeting expectations. Sometimes taking the time needed to interview several individuals one by one simply isn’t feasible for the hiring manager due to the sense of urgency inherent in these operational situations. When time is of the essence, hiring managers can use a “Group Interview” approach to meet several applicants simultaneously to then evaluate and select, for either a second interview or in some cases, straight to hire.




When using the Group Interview approach, keep in mind job ads, the interview agenda and logistics, along with candidate communications all need to be analyzed and modified to ensure you attract a high number of applicants who align with the job expectations and requirements.  You’ll also have to consider a shift in effort for both HR and the hiring manager; i.e., HR likely has to put in a higher number of prep hours, however will spend less time on the back end with administering the iterative process that comes with single candidate interviews.


During my presentation at this year’s PIE Show and Exhibition on March 11th we’ll take a deeper dive on how to successfully establish and manage a Group Interview hiring process so that you can immediately put into play at your location a program whereby you gather as many applicants as you’d like to go through a set agenda that allows you to both interview and evaluate candidates at the same time, to hopefully hire a good number of folks who meet your requirements and move away from the days of just looking for bodies to put into a uniform!


Vicki Pero

Principal, Marlyn Group



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