Southland Printing: SKIDATA Certification 2019

March 27, 2019




Southland Printing: SKIDATA Certification 2019



Southland Printing is pleased to announce that we are now certified with SkiData to print their entire ticket line.


Located in Shreveport, LA, this endeavor makes Southland Printing the only company that produces the tickets in North America.


Dale Spoor, the Production Manager for Southland, worked relentlessly to assure Southland’s position to be certified.  Due to his hard work and the rest of his team, this certification will allow many partnerships to come.


During the initial stages, Dale ran many tests at Southland’s in-house R&D lab to cover all parameters.  Doing so allowed Southland the essential knowledge and ability to move forward.


Once testing was completed in Austria, SkiData presented Southland with the certifications.  Now that the process is complete, Southland Printing looks forward to partnering with SkiData on future ventures.