City of Round Rock installs INDECT’s superior parking guidance system as part of their downtown revitalization project and smart city vision

April 10, 2019





City of Round Rock installs INDECT’s superior parking guidance system as part of their downtown revitalization project and smart city vision.




ROUND ROCK, TX (April 10, 2019) INDECT USA announces the installation of their ultrasonic parking guidance system at the City of Round Rock in Texas.



Following the successful installation of an INDECT parking guidance system in the Allen R Baca Center Garage last summer, Parking Guidance Systems LLC (PGS) are set to complete their second installation of INDECT equipment in the City Hall Garage by the end of May.


“The INDECT single-space parking guidance system is one of our most popular products,” said Derek Frantz, Head of Business Development at PGS. “We recommend it for busy garages because of its high level of accuracy, robust construction and the option of using sensors with extended LED lights in high ceiling areas.”


The City Hall parking garage is very narrow and hard to navigate. Previously when the garage was full, people would often find themselves stuck on the top level with no room to turn around, making it very hard to get out.  Now, drivers are able to see the number of available spaces clearly displayed on a matrix sign at the garage entrance then simply follow the internal signs to locate the nearest spot.


“This should eliminate the traffic jams caused by overfilling as well as improving people’s overall experience.” said Frantz.


Improving the city’s parking garages is part of the City of Round Rock’s downtown revitalization project, which aims to make the center more walkable and enjoyable with the recent addition of new plazas and fountains.


“Before installing the INDECT system, people would tell me that the city garages were always full and they could never find a space.” said Heath Douglas, Director of Information Technology at the City of Round Rock. “The feeling was that parking was in short supply.”


“Building new infrastructure is expensive and can cost upwards of $2 million.” said Douglas. “By putting sensors in our existing garages, we are able to collect and analyze the actual day-to-day data so we can make an informed decision as to whether a new garage is really needed.”


According to Douglas, the City of Round Rock has plans to extend the parking guidance throughout the city to the new library building scheduled for construction in 2022 and will be installing additional surface sensors on Main Street to monitor the 2-hour parking spaces next year.


“The city’s long-term plan is to have all the garages talking to each other so that when one garage is full, the information will be displayed on a matrix sign at the entrance and drivers will be redirected to the nearest garage with available spaces.” he said.


Once the garages and on-street parking are all interconnected, the city of Round Rock plans to position additional matrix signs around the city to inform the community of upcoming events, provide game information, display emergency announcements and advise of changes to parking availability.  They also plan to offer a frictionless parking app that would show all the available parking in the city.


A smart city vision starts with good technology.  When searching for a parking guidance system, the City of Round Rock wanted to make sure that the product they chose was reliable and underpinned by solid technology that would continue to be of value as the city grew.


“We are really pleased with the INDECT system. The technology has been rock-solid.” said Douglas.  “The system has stood up to our crazy weather extremes and there have been no issues whatsoever.”


“The City of Round Rock is a progressive and innovative city with a long-term vision of seamlessly integrating technology into everyday life,” said Derek Frantz. “We are excited to be involved in setting the ground work for a future smart city.”




INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

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About the City of Round Rock

Located near Austin Texas, Round Rock is one of the fastest growing cities in America. It is known for its many outdoor activities and historic sites.  Recently ranked the fifth safest city in America and the fourth most affordable place to live. Round Rock is a progressive city that values education, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, science and the environment.

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