Not just for large parking garages, INDECT completely transforms the parking experience at Carmel Valley’s only subterranean garage in The Merge CV

April 03, 2019




Not just for large parking garages, INDECT completely transforms the parking experience at Carmel Valley’s only subterranean garage in The Merge CV




San Diego, CA (March 3, 2019) INDECT USA announces the successful installation of their ultrasonic parking guidance system at San Diego’s newly developed urban community, The Merge CV.




Despite having only 60 spaces, the Merge’s small underground garage is often filled to capacity, especially on Thursday and Friday evenings as visitors flock to sample local wines, enjoy a good coffee or savor a delicious meal.


“People tend to think that parking guidance is just for big businesses but often it is the small, boutique garage where you can really see the difference,” said Dale Fowler, President of INDECT USA.


The Merge garage is one of the only subterranean parking garage in Carmel Valley. To enter the garage, visitors need to drive down a steep ramp and make a couple of tight right-hand turns. There is only one way in, one way out and no room to turn around.


“The client was concerned that the garage was over-filling during peak periods, creating a dangerous blockage as drivers struggled to reverse out.” said Fowler. “We recommended our ultrasonic system with a light and sensor above every space, and a large monument sign to be placed at the entry to show the number of vacancies.”


The monument sign was custom designed to suit The Merge’s aesthetics with bespoke colors, geometric shapes and a specific font. The digits are large and easily readable from a distance.


“Prior to having the parking guidance installed, we had been valet parking cars on Thursday and Friday evenings to avoid the inevitable traffic jam. Now with the new sign, people know exactly how many spaces are available before entering the garage. It’s made a huge difference.” said Darren Levitt, Vice President of Sea Breeze Properties.


Typically, when people look for parking in Carmel Valley, they have the option of an open-air lot or an above ground parking structure. The idea of driving down a ramp into a dark garage is relatively new and can be a little intimidating.


“We wanted to encourage people to enter the garage and feel confident that they would find a space. The system and the sign are doing just that” said Levitt.


According to Levitt, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “People love the sign and the lights. They say it’s like Vegas in there!” he laughed.


Data collected from the INDECT reporting software shows that not only has the number of entries and daily turnover increased, the average occupancy rate has tripled from 30% to 90% since the installation of the sign.


“The INDECT team were extremely easy to work with and very responsive. The system was installed in just five days and that good-old southern hospitality made the entire experience a pleasant one.” said Levitt.


“For anyone looking for a parking guidance system, I would certainly recommend INDECT.” he said.




INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

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About The Merge CV.

Located at the corner of Carmel Country & Carmel Mountain roads, The Merge CV is a friendly urban community where residents and visitors can gather to enjoy good food, good wine and good coffee.

The Merge CV also offers a number of mixed retail services for everyday life including shops, offices, a dance studio, physiotherapist and dentist.

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