Quercus Technologies 20th anniversary

April 26, 2019




Quercus Technologies 20th anniversary



Quercus Technologies was founded in 1999 to develop engineering projects for the industrial sector, focusing in particular in industrial automation and quality control based on artificial vision. Short after, Quercus specialized as manufacturer of LPR equipment for the parking market.

Nowadays, after 20 years of activity, its know-how and experience in the market have turned  Quercus Technologies into a benchmark in terms of specialization in technology for vehicle detection and a leading brand among companies developing and commercializing parking guidance systems. The company has more than 50 workers all over the world with offices in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, and has a solid international reach, with projects in more than 70 countries.


The key of its success are its values: professionalism, innovation, cooperation and commitment to quality, as well as the responsibility and honesty of its workforce. All of those have enabled the development of All-in-One products like SmartLPR Access, a device that reads plates from all over the world; or Spot Control, a sensor that integrates plate recognition and video surveillance in every spot with a highly reliable parking guidance system. Quercus has also developed BirdWatch, a powerful software suite that provides information in a precise, organized and clear manner that enables taking decisions in real time from any location, so as to improve simultaneously the user’s experience and the parking management.

During this last 20 years Quercus Technologies has been offering the most advanced and comprehensive parking solutions, twenty years improving mobility and security, twenty years developing products in service of the client. During this time Quercus has also improved its strategy, asserted its leadership and reinforced its project. And everything thanks to its solid values, to its great team and to the confidence of its clients and suppliers.

Today, looking back, Quercus Technologies has accomplished its goals: it has stayed true to its mission and at the forefront in the field of artificial vision and parking guidance. Quercus is facing the future with new projects, its trajectory bears the company’s project out as the same time as it drives the company forward in order to keep on growing.



Here is for 20 more years of shared success!

For more information please contact:
Vanessa Amat
Adrià Miralvés