Quercus Technologies: Deep Roots, New Leaves 

May 14, 2019




Quercus Technologies: Deep Roots, New Leaves




Just some weeks ago Quercus Technologies is celebrating its 20 years anniversary and takes stock on the situation of the company, its trajectory and perspectives for the future. Quercus began developing engineering projects for the industrial sector, in particular in relation to industrial automatization and quality control by means of artificial vision. Today, Quercus has become an international company, specialized in manufacturing LPR equipment in the parking guidance sector and has projects in more than 70 countries.



Quercus has become an international benchmark in its field: it is a model of success history, of a company that prevails thanks to the vision of its leaders, the effort of the staff and the struggle for innovation. Far from having arrived at the end of the way, Quercus is expanding:

How keep on growing at the present time as we have done until now?

How keep on growing, adapting to changes, without adulterating the essence that has allowed the company to get to be what it is today?


The company has experienced a period of transition in order to be able to answer these questions, for, briefly, continuing being faithful to its mission without going stale using a formula that worked well in the past. As a result of that process of reflection and adaptation, Quercus has created Mobility Division in order to harness the solution of parking guidance based on the sensor by camera in the market. This division commercializes exclusively guidance and mobility projects through a different sales channel than the one used habitually by Quercus for its OEM products. For the commercialization of those, Quercus has created Detection Division.


Detection Division is direct result of more than twenty years of experience in License Plate Recognition, continuing a business model that has turned Quercus into the company it is now: focusing in the making and commercializing of the most advanced and reliable OEM products that the client needs, while keeping a practical and efficient approach through the regular sales channel. A way of remaining faithful to the roots and the origin of the company.


Mobility Division reflects the need of broadening horizons in order boost in the market parking guidance solution based on camera sensors. Using the experience and know-how of Quercus Technologies, Mobility Division commercializes comprehensive and customized projects of parking guidance and mobility systems. They are the new leaves, Quercus’ stake in the future.



Quercus stays strong, facing the challenges without fear and with new proposals and parking guidance solutions. Quercus would like to sum up this new phase in a sentence that refers as much to the name as to the history of the company: “New leaves grow because we stand on our Roots” remembering to us that for new projects to develop it is necessary to always remember the origins.



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