Passport: Building the industry’s best enforcement platform

June 06, 2019






Passport: Building the industry’s best enforcement platform




The parking industry is undergoing tremendous change and we’re faced with more challenges and opportunities than ever before. Technology is playing an important role in helping to better understand and manage parking environments and streamline operations. Cities, private operators, universities and agencies are relying on third-party technology partners to bring forward new, innovative solutions that can be implemented quickly for maximum results.


One technology company who is helping clients move faster and run more efficient parking operations is Passport, who has been building technology to regulate access to and collect digital payments for public parking, transit and tolling systems. As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to creating a new industry standard in parking management technology, Passport has acquired Complus Data Innovations (Complus), a parking enforcement company based in Tarrytown, N.Y.


Enforcement software is the primary tool to enforce parking compliance and ensure that drivers follow curbside rules and regulations, making it the key piece of technology to manage today’s crowded curbs. In the past decade, Passport has helped hundreds of cities effectively manage their parking ecosystems with this technology, leading to decreased congestion, increased revenue and overall efficiencies.


“Enforcement is the backbone of a city’s mobility operations and ensures effective and equitable usage of a finite and increasingly-strained resource: the curb,” said Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport. “It is vital that cities have an efficient way to manage access to curb space.”


Curbside management is best thought of as an extension of parking. There should be costs and rules governing the use of curbs, and there should be penalties for breaking those rules. As more vehicle types, including delivery vehicles, ride-hailing services, micro-mobility and autonomous vehicles, converge on the curb, there will be an increased need to regulate and enforce who can access the curb. An enforcement platform that allows for centralized coordination of all vehicle types and curbside rules will enable cities to manage their operations at real-time speed.


With this acquisition, Passport is gaining the deep experience of Complus, who has been in the parking enforcement business for 33 years and has 40 employees. This expertise will help Passport strengthen its enforcement product, a foundational element of the company’s suite of parking management solutions.


“We are thrilled to welcome Complus employees and clients to Passport,” said Youakim. “With the acquisition, Passport can expand its international footprint and provide even more cities a strong, robust, real-time enforcement solution.”