June 06, 2019






App-based intelligent parking solutions to be deployed across nine locations and over 3,000 parking spaces in phase one; additional locations to be added over term of five-year contract


ANAHEIM, Calif. (June 6, 2019) – Working toward the goal of being the first true “smart city,” the City of Anaheim has selected San Francisco-based Parking Sense to deploy its suite of intelligent parking solutions across nine locations and over 3,000 parking spaces. Use of the Parking Sense technology will allow drivers to easily locate and pay for available parking, and reduce the time it takes to find parking by 50%. The initial locations selected for use of Parking Sense’s technology represent phase one of a five-year contract that will expand to include a wider service area within the city as the contract progresses.

Based on Bluetooth and infrared technology that is 99.9% accurate, Parking Sense’s app-based parking system guides drivers to available parking spaces and allows for digital payment, creating seamless parking experiences that reduce related stress for drivers. The efficiency offered also reduces related vehicle emissions by 50%.

Parking Sense’s technology is disrupting the traditional parking and transportation models, and has the ability to provide real-time and historical data to parking operators. This data can be used to increase revenue by making better use of existing parking spaces, reduce the number of drivers who give up and leave a parking lot, enable flexible and dynamic pricing by time of day and day of the week, and more.

“The City of Anaheim realized that real-time parking data and wayfinding are critical components to reach efficiencies in utilization of our available parking supply,” said John Woodhead, City of Anaheim Community and Economic Development Director. “We proactively sought technologies and solutions to assist with achieving our vision. We are excited to partner with Parking Sense to install a critical piece of our Smart Center City strategy that will provide residents, employees and visitors real-time access to parking information.”

Due to its open API, the flexibility of Parking Sense’s technology will allow the City of Anaheim to work with neighboring partners like Disney and others to make it easy for drivers to locate and pay for parking.

“We realize that parking is the first thing people experience, and the last thing they remember when they visit a city,  business, or destination,” said Jake Bezzant, CEO of Parking Sense. “Use of our technology has proven it has the ability to minimize the amount of time spent looking for parking and create a better user experience. In their effort to become a ‘smart city,’ Anaheim is demonstrating they are on the leading edge by implementing technology that will reduce related traffic and transportation problems.”

Parking Sense offers a cost-effective, comprehensive, easy to install suite of intelligent parking solutions that are changing the way people have always thought about parking. Customers that include airports, corporate campuses, commercial properties, retail, healthcare and universities report that deployment of Parking Sense technology has reduced the time it takes drivers to find a parking space and vehicle emissions by 50%. It has also translated to a reduction of wear and tear on parking structures and ventilation systems, resulting in related cost savings.

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About Parking Sense

Parking Sense is a technology company disrupting the parking and transportation industries with a cost-effective, comprehensive and easy-to-install suite of intelligent parking solutions. Parking Sense technology reduces both the time it takes drivers to find a parking space and related vehicle emissions by half, while offering businesses real-time data that allows them to better manage, track and charge for parking. The system is based around low-energy infrared technology that has 99+% accuracy. At its core, the Parking Sense system is a scalable, dynamic, “evergreen” technology solution that allows clients to integrate additional features and technology over time. Learn more at