Introducing Space Genius: Accelerating the Use of Advanced Technology in the Parking Industry

July 11, 2019



Introducing Space Genius: Accelerating the Use of Advanced Technology in the Parking Industry

Space Genius is state-of-the-art parking software that improves all aspects of operating a parking facility.



The Space Genius brand is a new generation of “smart” parking software built on the proven PRS smartLUIS Parking Management System. Going forward the firm’s offerings will be bundled under one name, Space Genius. Click here for more details about the new brand.

Space Genius, a Modern Impact Inc. company, is the newest software platform in the industry. It adds an enhanced User Experience, a comprehensive Mobile App and data warehouse capability to the robust functionality of the PRS smartLUIS system.

According to Michael Priem, Modern Impact CEO, “Space Genius is the future in parking software. It employs an intuitive user interface and a ‘one-look’ dashboard that gives operators control of their entire operation. Space Genius is committed to setting the pace in innovation and usability in the parking industry.”

Space Genius is welcome news to the Parking Industry because it provides affordable and easy-to-use solutions for parking operators of all sizes to embrace the latest technology.

Bill Plamondon, CEO of Space Genius, said “This is new technology that is easy to use and will improve profitability and efficiency from day one. Seamless integration with PARCS and dynamic pricing and inventory control usher in the modern era in parking management.”

Space Genius partners with clients of any scale to give them more control and keep their operation running smoothly. It has a solution for all segments of parking business, private or public – from airports, cruiseports and municipalities, to hospitals, universities and urban parking operators.

Space Genius offers a comprehensive product suite and business solutions that can start generating revenue right out of the box. Space Genius delivers a full range of functionality, reporting capabilities and revenue-generating pricing controls, to enable operators to improve yield and customer service, literally overnight.

The cloud-based system has the integration capability to provide span-of-control across multiple platforms. The Space Genius architecture ties it all together seamlessly for total control of all parking processes and equipment.

Who Is Space Genius?

Space Genius is a forward-thinking firm committed to accelerating the use of advanced technology in the parking industry. It is the first “smart” parking software designed to give operators complete control over their operation and to provide a seamless end-user experience. It leverages 12 years of parking software experience to assist parking operators of all sizes to maximize revenue and efficiency.

The firm operates out of Minneapolis and has development and support located in Tampa, Florida. Space Genius has clients in Canada and across the USA. Space Genius is a Modern Impact, Inc. company.