SpotAngels Parking App Now Available in San Leandro

July 19, 2019


SpotAngels Parking App Now Available in San Leandro




SpotAngels, a leading community-based free parking app, is now available in San Leandro to help drivers find parking spaces and rates. SpotAngels worked with the City to offer this service at no cost, utilizing the San Leandro’s open data portal, GeoSL.


The goal of SpotAngels is to ease the parking obstacles for both residents and visitors looking to enjoy the city. Over the past year, the app saved drivers in cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and more over $10 million in parking tickets as well as time and money finding parking.

How it Works

SpotAngels, the “Waze of Parking,” works by displaying a map with the location of all street parking spots, parking lots and garages, helping drivers find free or less expensive parking, and comply with the rules. For each spot, the app shows all the rules such as parking rates and hours, street cleaning, loading zones, and all other restrictions. In addition to these features, SpotAngels has integrated mobile payment and advance booking platforms, providing a one-stop-shop for parking and availability for Downtown San Leandro.

How SpotAngels is Different

The uniqueness of SpotAngels is not only in the fact that it’s the first to display all the street parking information but also in the fact that it is crowdsourced. It is the first app in the industry to create a voice for the parkers to help make their own parking experience better.

In 2018, the app was featured by Apple and Google as the “Waze for Parking” among the best apps. The company is backed by the co-founder of Google Maps, Lars Rasmussen among other Silicon Valley investors.

SpotAngels is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is free to download and use here.  You can also find all things parking, including information on regulations, parking permits, and ticket payment options, on San Leandro’s parking website,