LAZ Parking Selected to Run Parking Operations at Tulsa International Airport

August 06, 2019



LAZ Parking Selected to Run Parking Operations at Tulsa International Airport




Tulsa, OK –August 6, 2019. Tulsa International Airport is pleased to announce that, as of July 1, LAZ Parking will oversee parking operations at the airport. Under the terms of the contract, the Hartford, CT-based company will operate the airport’s Self-Park, Valet Parking, Shuttle Operations and Employee Parking, as well as its Taxi Queuing and Dispatch system.




“Tulsa International Airport is excited to join forces with LAZ Parking and to utilize their vast experience to improve the parking and overall travel experience of our guests,” said Fabio Spino, Chief Financial Officer, Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust.“LAZ seemed to understand our needs and presented a proposal that addressed not only those we currently have but anticipated those we might have in the future.”


Tulsa International Airport (TUL) is served by six commercial carriers and is also home to the Tulsa Air National Guard Base. The airport has one three-level, covered long-term parking facility, a surface lot with shuttle operations, a taxi queuing system, reserved parking spaces, valet parking and employee parking surface lots. The facility has a total of 3,996 self-parking spaces, 628 employee spaces, and valet services totaling about 1,100 transactions a month.


“LAZ Parking’s cutting-edge customer service concepts and innovative technology have made it a leader in the parking industry,” Spino said. Programs LAZ plans to implement at TUL include:


  • A Loyalty and Corporate Program for frequent users of airport parking facilities
  • A proprietary Online Reservation System with Pay-by-Cell technology for reserving and paying for parking in advance
  • Installation of a new PARCs system providing updated technology solutions for the traveling public


“We presented a new vision to Tulsa International Airport,” said Stuart Vieth, General Manager at LAZ Parking’s Airport division. “TUL felt that our expertise and insight into parking set LAZ apart from the competition.”




“Our laser focus on improving service levels to the traveling public and increasing profitability for our clients topped the list of reasons that made LAZ the best choice,” added LAZ Parking Chairman & CEO Alan Lazowski. “It represents a tremendous opportunity for our Airport division and is true to our core company values of creating opportunities for our employees and value for our clients.”





About LAZ Parking:

LAZ Parking, founded in Hartford, CT in 1981, is one of the largest and fastest-growing parking companies in the United States, operating over a million parking spaces across the country in over 3,150 locations in 35 states and 410 cities. With over 38 years of experience providing parking management, transportation and mobility services, LAZ works seamlessly across a variety of market segments, including hospitality and valet, office buildings, medical, airport and transportation, campus, government and municipal, retail, events, residential building and shuttle services. Additional information can be found at