Asura Technologies Releases New LPR-Based Digital Chalking Technology

September 24, 2019





Asura Technologies Releases New LPR-Based Digital Chalking Technology




Asura Technologies is happy to announce the released a new feature for our mobile LPR solution ARU MOVE: digital chalking. Digital chalking is a great solution for on-street parking enforcement. Physical contact with the vehicle is no longer a problem; it is fully eliminated from the process with license plate recognition and GPS location tagging. Huge areas may be covered by enforcement officers as digital chalking is designed to be an on-board solution for enforcement vehicles.


How Asura’s digital chalking works

The user may draw multiple parking zones and set their respective parking time limits in the ARU Manager. The software continuously checks whether a parking vehicle within the boundaries of a designated zone exceeds the parking time limit. The check is based on license plate reading – if a license plate is read within the same parking zone exceeding the free parking time limit, it sends an alert to the operator and indicates the violation in the database entry of the given vehicle.

Some of the perks of using digital chalking for on-street parking enforcement include:

  • Chalk vehicles without physical contact – The advantage of having Automatic License Plate Recognition as the basis of chalking officers only need to drive around the parking zones, the software handles the rest.
  • Enforceable – The solution is designed to help enforcement officers decide if a vehicle is still in the same location and store evidence for the case of a citation dispute. All vehicle entries contain the license plate number, timestamp, GPS location and picture of the vehicle.
  • Automatic alerts – Sends an automatic alert to the operator if a vehicle’s license plate is read multiple times inside the same parking zone exceeding the maximum waiting time.
  • Easy database handling – Sort, list or filter results based on any aspects of the parking. Date, license plate number, parking zone or time.
  • Real-time mapping – All events are mapped real-time and location along with additional parking data are saved for future reference.
  • Integration-ready – The chalking feature along with the mobile ALPR (ARU MOVE) solution is available as OEM. Like all Asura software ARU MOVE with the digital chalking feature is easy to integrate into any parking enforcement system.


The new release of ARU holds some exciting new features for our mobile ALPR solution, ARU MOVE. GPS location tracking is now part of the package while digital chalking is available as an add-on feature. Also, as of the current release ARU is available as two editions: ARU MOVE is for mobile utilization (e.g. car-mounted). ARU FIX is to be used as the ALPR solution for fixed installations. Despite that due to the similarities of the functions and handling of the two editions, we decided not to split the version numbers, so both editions will be under the same version number.

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