INDECT’s Premium Parking Solution is coming to South Loop, Chicago

September 30, 2019





INDECT’s Premium Parking Solution is coming to South Loop, Chicago

Chicago, IL (September 30, 2019) South Loop garage will be the second location in Chicago to offer customers a premium parking experience with the INDECT parking guidance system.

“We first introduced the concept of premium parking at our downtown location earlier this year and it has been a resounding success. The first-class area is always turning over and the customers are happy.”  said Michael Prussian, Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of Interpark.

“We wanted to offer our South Loop drivers the same level of service as their downtown friends by giving them the opportunity to park in the best spots for a premium price.” said Prussian.

South Loop garage is one of many multi-level parking garages located in Chicago’s vibrant South Loop district and is a popular parking destination due to its proximity to eclectic eateries, shops, theaters and parks.

Michael Prussian is always looking for ways to improve the parking experience for his customers. After observing parking patterns across a number of Interpark garages he made a significant discovery.

“We noticed that many of the best parking spaces were being filled by early parkers at discounted rates and weren’t turning over during the day. This meant that people paying full price were forced to park much farther away from their destination.” he said.

The new first-class parking area will be open to everyone on a first in, best dressed basis, regardless of whether they are first timers or regular monthly parkers.

According to Prussian the area will be well marked with the rules and pricing structure clearly displayed, so there will be no surprises. There will also be no gates or barriers. The revenue systems will automatically charge the customer for the premium parking at the payment machines.

The project will be delivered by local experts, RevCon Technology Group Inc, and will include an installation of INDECT Uspolut camera-based sensors to monitor the premium area.

“The Upsolut camera-based sensors not only alert customers of an open space, they capture valuable time-sensitive LPR data for us and are completely integrated into our revenue system,” said Prussian.

INDECT’s LPR and guidance system will be seamlessly integrated with the existing inhouse software and revenue system.

When a vehicle enters the garage, its license plate will be captured by the LPR system.  This information will be shared with the revenue system, which will then attach the plate number to the parking ticket. When a vehicle parks in the first-class area, INDECT will match the vehicle’s license plate to the LPR whitelist. When the customer goes to pay for their parking, the revenue control system looks up the INDECT database to see if their vehicle is parked in the premium area. If so, they will then be charged the premium rate.

According to Prussian, the innovative technology solution has been so successful, Interpark is considering offering it as a standard feature in all its Chicago garages.





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