Parking Sense’s reliable system saves time and makes parking easy

November 18, 2019









Parking Sense’s reliable system saves time and makes parking easy





SAN FRANCISCO (Nov. 18, 2019) – When a multinational financial services corporation with operations in over 40 countries decided to eliminate one of its Phoenix, AZ campuses and move 3,000 employees to its main campus, major congestion due to increased traffic volume during peak parking and exit times was anticipated. Knowing that most of the transplanted employees would be coming from across town to the company’s 90-acre campus, the company sought out ways to make the commute as easy as possible.


The company, recognized among the top quarter of Fortune’s 2018 “100 Best Companies to Work For,” and one of the largest employers in the state of Arizona with more than 7,000 employees, selected San Francisco-based Parking Sense to maximize the efficiency of its parking garages. Considerations included how quickly employees would be able to get in and out of the garages, whether the system would be perceived as a perk, total cost, and whether the system would be nimble enough to stay on top of the latest innovations.


Since its implementation, use of Parking Sense’s technologically “evergreen” system and convenient mobile app has allowed the company’s employees to:

  • See where parking is available without wasting time circling the garages
  • Save an estimated 20 minutes of total commute time each day over what would have been spent without the system.


“In addition to saving their employees time and frustration, the installation of Parking Sense technology has reduced employee turnover and increased productivity,” said Matt Taub, Executive Vice President at Parking Sense. “Company executives also recognized that because the Parking Sense system remains fresh as a result of regular updates, the lifetime cost of its implementation makes it a no-brainer.”


Parking Sense’s parking system consumes very little energy, requires no personnel to operate, and always benefits from the latest innovations. Learn more about Parking Sense and its suite of intelligent parking solutions at



About Parking Sense

Parking Sense is a technology company disrupting the parking and transportation industries with a cost-effective, comprehensive and easy-to-install suite of intelligent parking solutions. Parking Sense technology reduces both the time it takes drivers to find a parking space and related vehicle emissions by half, while offering businesses real-time data that allows them to better manage, track and charge for on and off-street parking. Offering 99+% accuracy, the company’s best-in-class guidance solutions can be tailored to individual client needs. At its core, the Parking Sense system is a scalable, dynamic, “evergreen” technology solution that allows clients to integrate additional features and technology over time. Learn more at