November 18, 2019






Parking Sense’s guidance technology makes it easy for customers to find parking,

aligns with Centre’s sustainability efforts




AUCKLAND, NZ (Nov. 18, 2019) – Parking Sense, the fastest growing parking technology company in the world, today announced an expanded partnership with Auckland’s Sylvia Park, the largest shopping and mixed-use center in New Zealand. One of Parking Sense’s first customers, Sylvia Park has implemented Parking Sense’s infrared parking guidance technology in all of its parking buildings to date. The company now intends to add the technology to another 3,000 parking spaces as two major sites are constructed in early 2020 to complete the area.


Sylvia Park was built in 2005 with sustainability among its eight guiding principles. In addition to efficiently helping people find available parking since the technology was first installed in 2015, Sylvia Park has found use of the Parking Sense guidance technology to reduce circulation time and congestion, and reduce related vehicle emissions.


Kiwi Property, operators of Sylvia Park, is one of the biggest property owners in the southern hemisphere. The company’s sustainability efforts, of which deployment of Parking Sense technology is part, have resulted in a reduction in energy consumption by 4,800,000 kWh, enough to supply 598 typical homes for a year. In addition, the company has reduced its carbon footprint by 47%, and continues to be a leader in this space.


“We’re pleased to be expanding our partnership with Sylvia Park, and to help them meet their goal of reducing resource consumption and their carbon footprint,” said Jake Bezzant, Parking Sense CEO. “Our intention has always been to add value to parking operators. As evidenced by the success of our partnership with Sylvia Park, there’s a significant upside to those using our technology.”


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