Wayne Dalton Introduces High Cycle Springless Grille Built to Last with Enhanced Cycle Life

November 12, 2019





Wayne Dalton Introduces High Cycle Springless Grille Built to Last with Enhanced Cycle Life



Model 600 HC’s 300,000 warrantied cycle life is 15 times longer than a standard rolling grille




Wayne Dalton, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has launched the Model 600 HC, a high cycle rolling grille that offers the same safety and security of a standard rolling grille, but with a cycle life warranty that lasts 15 times longer. Thanks to its innovative springless barrel design, Model 600 HC eliminates the need for a counterbalance system, allowing for a 300,000-cycle life warranty without having to incur the cost of spring replacements. The grille can also be serviced with universal components for ease of maintenance and less downtime.

“Wayne Dalton is a known provider of quality commercial solutions that customers can rely on when they need strength and durability. We’ve proven this for years and continue to back our claims with every new product launch,” said Wayne Dalton Rolling Steel Senior Product Manager Jennifer Castro. “Model 600 HC provides our customers with another grille option built to last and designed to maximize productivity.”

Key features include a floor-level controller with a built-in non-resettable cycle counter that tracks and displays total cycles for warranty and eases service by using a digital readout. The high cycle motor also includes a built-in braking device and features a direct drive heavy-duty gearbox to help protect against uncontrolled curtain travel. The high cycle springless grille’s continuous rod curtain design contributes to durability and security.

Model 600 HC is available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel construction, and comes in Steel, Clear Anodized, or Stainless Steel finishes. For additional color options and added customization, Wayne Dalton also offers approximately 200 RAL powder coat options to complement the exterior colors of any building.


About Wayne Dalton

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