Wayne Dalton Launches First-Ever High Speed Interior Freezer and Cooler Door, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme

November 12, 2019





Wayne Dalton Launches First-Ever High Speed Interior Freezer and Cooler Door, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme



Thermal barrier prevents conductive or convective cooling loss across the door, increasing overall efficiency of the workplace




November 12, 2019 – Wayne Dalton, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has launched its first-ever high speed, high performance interior freezer and cooler door – Model 887 ADV-Xtreme. Ideal for food and beverage and other cold storage applications, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme offers a variety of problem-solving features that help address various temperature-dependent site issues before they can occur. Additionally, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme helps prevent conductive or convective cooling loss across the door due to its advanced thermal barrier.



“The behavior around a door can change dramatically depending on the time of year, whether it is a hot and humid summer or cold and dry winter. It is critical for facilities to have a solution like Model 887 ADV-Xtreme to perform in demanding and time critical applications,” said Wayne Dalton Director of Product Marketing Mark Sawicki.

Model 887 ADV-Xtreme’s insulated curtain, four guide seals, and a double bottom seal help prevent condensation or frost spots from forming on the curtain. To help combat the issue of freezing temperatures affecting door movement, the door features an active recirculating heated guide. The patent-pending guide is designed to help ensure the entire height of the door is at an appropriate temperature to further help prevent condensation, minimize dirt collection and help stop contamination of products placed close to the door.

“With numerous innovations created and experience acquired over the years, Wayne

Dalton continues to lead other manufacturers in developing solutions that focus on dealer and end user pain points to provide designs that are built with the highest level of quality in mind,” added Sawicki.

With opening speeds of up to 80 inches per second, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme is a fast-acting door that reduces wait time and increases the overall efficiency of the facility. Built for lasting durability, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme is equipped with a springless design that can withstand more than 1 million cycles, minimizing interruptions and downtime for maintenance.

For design flexibility, curtain color options available include Red, White, Blue and Gray. The bottom bar and guide are manufactured in Safety Yellow.


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