Honk Launches Enhanced BackOffice Software to Manage and Grow Your Business

December 05, 2019





Honk Launches Enhanced BackOffice Software to Manage and Grow Your Business




Honk BackOffice 2.0 gives parking operators and municipalities even more control to streamline their operations and target new customers



TORONTO, ON December 5th, 2019 – HonkMobile, North America’s leading provider of electronic payments for parking, just launched an enhanced tool to help clients manage their parking services and grow their businesses. Parking lot operators and municipalities and universities that use Honk’s product suite (HonkAPP, HonkTAP, HonkKIO) to process parking payments now have access to Honk BackOffice 2.0, a tool that gives them improved transactional and financial reporting, as well as enhanced analytics into all parking sessions.


Honk is continuously working to revolutionize the parking industry, and has become the answer to quick and easy parking payments among drivers in Canada and the USA. By leveraging Honk’s products, parking operators are reducing costs, modernizing their operations, attracting new customers, and increasing revenue. Honk BackOffice 2.0 is a critical piece of this new and improved parking experience, giving Honk’s clients even more control over their operations — while saving them time, money, and resources.


New enhancements include the ability to:

  • Instantly modify parking rates to reflect demand, availability, and special events
  • Edit amenity offerings, GPS coordinates, and parking zone descriptions
  • Create, manage, and report on promo codes to build loyalty among parkers
  • Customize access for employees & contractors at all levels


The upgraded tool gives operators real-time data to make informed business decisions that focus on company growth. Transaction reporting also provides operators with unique behavioural insights into both their customer base and ideal demographic with the goal of driving new customer acquisition.


Transaction and financial reporting functionality includes:

  • Complete tracking of parking spot utilization at each location
  • Insights into new & existing customers
  • Ability to create customized financial reporting, filtered by date, parking zone, invoice, plate, start/end date, and dollar amount
  • Breakdown of card type utilization by gross volume, discounts, processing fees, and net deposit
  • Breakdown of total revenue, and fully downloadable CSV file of all financial statements


“Honk is once again delivering on our commitment to help clients streamline operations and increase customer acquisition,” said Michael Back, Honk Founder and CEO. “We are confident that the richer financial and transaction data will enable our partner operators to make the very best business decisions, reduce risks, and confidently target their customer base. Honk BackOffice 2.0 makes it easy for parking operators and municipalities to further automate their operations — reducing processing time and saving them money.”


About HonkMobile

Honk is North America’s leading provider of both on-demand mobile payments and advance parking reservations. Since 2014 Honk has been creating solutions to avoid and eliminate the traditional parking meter. First, with their innovative app, then with HonkKIO — a low-cost payment kiosk aligned with the app. Now HonkTAP completes their family of products, serving the needs of all drivers, parking operators, and real estate owners — making it simple to pay for parking with the tap of a phone.


Honk has already modernized over 2,000 locations and 250,000 parking spaces across Canada and the United States. With the touch of a button, motorists can reserve and pay for parking anywhere Honk is accepted in North America.


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