Tattile introduces vehicle identification system with on-board intelligence to read license plates and recognize vehicle features

January 17, 2020






Tattile introduces vehicle identification system with on-board intelligence to read license plates and recognize vehicle features



Italian ITS specialist Tattile expands its range of vehicle identification systems by the new Vega 1, an intelligent camera specifically designed for single lane vehicle tracking; traffic limited areas and priority lanes. Congestion charge and parking management are two other important fields of application in the ITS sector where the new Tattile Vega 1is a perfect fit.



The core of the new Tattile Vega 1 with an onboard ANPR engine is a dual channel camera built in a compact case. This extremely compact design and embedded intelligence provides a maximum output at extremely low system costs since all algorithms are inside the system and deliver an output ready to be interpreted by the user. The camera allows an easy setup to minimize the installation and maintenance time. Thanks to its local storage it can work stand alone in case the connectivity is interrupted.


Single lane traffic management

During single lane intelligent traffic monitoring the system provides color video streaming via standard RTSP protocol. Even with an impressive working distance up to 25 meters the Vega1 does not require an external IR lighting. Thanks to its high sensitivity image sensors ANPR reading and video streaming is possible even in harsh and low light conditions.


The standard features are complemented by several optional functionalities for the new Vega 1. They provide further information on the vehicles tracked by additional vehicle brand, vehicle class and vehicle color identification. As to connectivity there are options to connect the Vega 1 to Wifi, LTE and GPS. These additional features together with the standard functionalities turn the Vega 1 into a compact but powerful collector of all relevant data needed for vehicle identification and road control.


All features for intelligent parking management

Parking has become the third highest revenue source for many cities. With its abilities to read license plates and recognize vehicle features such as brand, color, model, and class the new VEGA1 matches all requirements of modern parking management. The vehicle recognition allows defining its dimension (small, medium, big) and to differentiate the parking fee or direct larger vehicles to a designated area. For security purposes matching the ANPR with Brand, Model, Color and Class info at the entrance and the exit allows preventing vehicle from being stolen or other frauds. Furthermore, this data connected to the authority’s database even allow detecting wanted vehicles and thus contribute to public security. With its features the VEGA1 also enables the installation of smart parking systems that reduce the number of physical barriers, ticket and cash machines, managing all the aspects of parking through APPs and digital platforms.