inugo releases new Customer Management Platform

February 27, 2020





inugo releases new Customer Management Platform



inugo, a leader in digital parking management, has launched its latest version of the inugo CustomerManagement Platform in the US. The platform has a brand new look and increased functionality, making themanagement of parking facilities easier than ever.


“We are excited to launch the newest version of the platform,” says Ben Martel, CEO. “The new look has beenreceived well and the platform is now easier to use than ever, adding more value to our Full Stack parkingsolution.”


With the new inugo Customer Management Platform, operators can manage private & public parking spaces,gated or non-gated lots and cater for one-off or monthly parkers, having been designed with all operator’sproblems in mind. Dynamic pricing based on user, time and date is supported, as well as the ability to limit accessto certain locations (in conjunction with the Intelligent Gate Controller). Payment transactions are securelyprocessed and go straight into the operators bank account, keeping the process easy and cashless, with a fullhistory of all transactions & invoices easily viewable on the platform. Gone are the days of anonymous parkers,as the platform also helps operators identify who their parkers are, helping to build a relationship and loyalty withthem, thus increasing repeat business.


inugo is a Full Stack parking solution. Full Stack parking is an end to end digital solution, from a parker-facingmobile app to back end management system, designed with the operator in mind.


Making the inugo solution Full Stack, is the PARCS agnostic inugo Intelligent Gate Controller and inugo App.Ticketless access is achieved with the app, which connects to the Intelligent Gate Controller via Bluetooth andopens with the push of a button, saving money on costly ticketing systems. All payment details and transactionsare securely processed and self managed through the app, saving time and cost for both parker & operator.


inugo’s Bluetooth enabled Intelligent Gate Controller is also available to be integrated as a SoftwareDevelopment Kit (SDK), to work in conjunction with digital parking providers and aggregators – opening up yourfacilities to a wider audience and higher occupancy rates.


About inugo:

inugo provides parking owners, operators & aggregators the tools and systems to transform their businesses viaan end to end digital PARCS system. It offers a Full Stack parking solution, with gate access, customer management and payment facilities all available, supporting mixed use locations and dynamic pricing. inugonot only offers cost and time savings with ticketless and cashless parking – creating a frictionless experience forboth operators and parkers. For more information please visit