Loom US is Launched – PARCS Consulting from a Different Perspective

February 05, 2020





Loom US is Launched – PARCS Consulting from a Different Perspective




A team of PARCS experts now personalizes the consultation experience putting businesses on the right track to success



Newark, NJ —  Christine Weber (Founder) and Keith Lynch (Co-founder) announced today that they have started a new company, Loom US, LLC (www.loom-us.com). Loom is based on the vision that PARCS consulting needs to focus on people and people’s behavior interfacing with technology.  Loom also believes there are opportunities to improve the customers experience before, while and after visiting a parking facility.  Loom listens to the customer and uses a collaborative consulting model to identify the best options to help owners monetize their parking assets.

Loom can offer you solutions with rfi’s, rfp’s, studies, trainings, lunch & learns, operation and process reviews, customer analytics, marketing and project management services.  „Everybody is engrossed in daily activities with no time to focus on process improvements,  new ideas and technologies out there,  that’s where loom fills a huge void. Loom can optimize your operations and find ways to enhance cross-channel customer experiences.” said founder Christine Weber.

Loom is derived from Old English and is an apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread.  Weber is an occupational surname given to one skilled in the ancient craft of weaving.  Looms mission is to help owners weave needs and technology to deliver the best customer experiences.

Loom co-founders, Christine Weber and Keith Lynch, have over 40 years combined experience in architecting parking and revenue control solutions.  For more information please contact Christine Weber, 862-777-0207 or email christine@loom-us.com.


About Loom – Loom was founded October 2019 by two experienced Parking Professionals with a mission to deliver consulting services enabling its customers to optimize their operations and monetize their parking assets in shopping centers, municipalities, airports, hospitality and commercial real estate.