Parking Sense Announces Appointment of New CEO and Sales Leadership

February 04, 2020


Parking Sense Announces Appointment of New CEO and Sales Leadership


After large projects for organizations like Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and LA Metro, we recognized the need to concentrate on customer experience, sales and support processes.

NEW YORK , February 04, 2020

Parking Sense, the fastest growing parking technology company in the world, today announced new appointments to its executive leadership team. Ed Robinson has been appointed CEO and executive director, and Matt Taub has been named Executive Vice President of Sales. Both appointments are effective immediately. Former CEO Jake Bezzant has concluded his work with Parking Sense, and will no longer work in the parking industry. Parking Sense founder Paul Collins has resigned from the board of directors and will continue to serve as an advisor to the CEO.

These changes signify a new approach for Parking Sense. Robinson said, “After large projects for organizations like Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and LA Metro, we recognized the need to concentrate on customer experience, sales and support processes. This is important not just for Parking Sense, but for the parking automation industry as a whole, which is fragmented and often leaves customers wishing for more.”

Robinson has a history in high-growth technology companies, founding website optimization company Aptimize and growing through to acquisition by Riverbed Technology, then working with companies like MuleSoft until successful IPO and NGINX until acquisition by F5. “I started my career in the product group at Microsoft, where we learned quickly about connections. Technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum – its role is to help people solve serious problems you couldn’t solve otherwise. We’re in the business of connecting people to solutions,” said Robinson.

Matt Taub, EVP of Sales, joins Parking Sense from the manufacturing industry where he pioneered using customer experience management to achieve the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. “We start by listening to people,” said Taub. “Listening for the important problems – the ones that will increase revenue, decrease costs and improve customer experience. This is what we concentrate on. Above all else, you have to be honest, if we can’t help you we’ll tell you. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot of work – solving problems isn’t about saying yes to everything.”

Taub said, “To understand the problem Parking Sense solves, think of the parking experience at a hospital. If you have a 2:00pm appointment, drive to a parking garage at 1:45pm and find it’s full, you’re going to be late for your appointment. Parking is the first and last experience a patient has with a hospital. Late patients are unhappy to begin with, and that puts pressure on the medical staff.”

Parking Sense installs sensors and indicators in every space in a parking building, connecting these to signs, the Internet, and a mobile app so people can see parking availability ahead of time. If a hospital has several parking lots, the Parking Sense app and LED signs shows you where to find an empty space and gets you there quickly. The combination of these sensors and tools effectively increases parking availability by 20 percent.

“Where it gets really interesting, is when you connect that to the business,” said Robinson. “Early in 2020 we will release a reservation system for medical centers, so hospitals have the option to reserve parking for patients, further improving the experience. We’re also extending this to hospital staff, so they can be assured reserved parking is available during their shift.”
Robinson further explained, “What we’re doing here is starting with the best IOT hardware that detects parking occupancy, combining this with a wayfinding service and connecting this to other business services and customer experience management. We are not the only people doing this, but we have are only ones taking it further – using parking to improve customer experience. People park somewhere for a reason, and we are dedicated to improving that experience, so they forget about parking and have more time for what they really want to do.”

The parking industry is estimated to be worth between $11 and $20 billion in the US alone, yet the smart/automated parking segment is still in the early stages of growth, with some researchers projecting an aggressive 13.4% CAGR between 2019 and 2025. Parking Sense is well positioned to lead the industry through this exciting period of expansion.

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