Tattile Axle Counter automates key information on number of axes

February 25, 2020






Tattile Axle Counter automates key information on number of axes



Many toll systems around the globe have made the number of axes of a vehicle a key parameter for determining the toll. According to this information different tariffs apply for the respective vehicle. Even if the vehicle volume is taken into account the volume itself does not identify univocally a vehicle class since two vehicles could have the same volume but a different number of axes. Therefore having the information on the number of axes of a vehicle is crucial.

While intelligent traffic systems are long capable to perform tasks such as automatically read license plates and measure the speed of a vehicle, until now axle counting still has not found a smart solution as in existing systems many times human interpretation of a picture taken at a toll station is still needed. Thus the final step was missing to completely automate this process through the use of image analysis.

Tattile in its endeavor to simplify and continuously rise accuracy of Intelligent Traffic Systems now addresses this gap and introduces its automatic axle counting system “Axle Counter”. The Tattile Axle Counter automatically counts the axles of any vehicle driving at a speed up to 180 km/h on a highway. The entire system ensures correct axle counting and is mounted on a gantry above the highway. The installation is on a gantry and the stand-alone system is capable of analyzing the side of the passing vehicle with its internal processing algorithms.

The Axle Counter operates completely automatically meaning that no post-processing of the pictures taken is necessary anymore, nor is there any more need for visual inspection and interpretation of the pictures by humans. Its high detection rate and high accuracy allow precise counting of the axles of any particular vehicle. The system includes two cameras per lane to ensure left sight and right sight. An IR illuminator allows operating both day and night. All image analysis operations including the use of AI to automatically recognize the axle and wheel as well as counting are done on-board of the system in real-time.

With the new Axle Counter Tattile fills the missing link of providing all relevant vehicle information automatically to determine the correct toll for a given vehicle.




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