inugo launches third generation Gate Controller

March 19, 2020






inugo launches third generation Gate Controller



inugo, a leader in digital parking management, has launched their third generation Intelligent Gate Controller.The patent-pending access control hardware has undergone a complete overhaul in design along withcommunication enhancements, increasing the ease and speed by which vehicles can enter parking facilities.


“We have worked exceptionally hard on the latest generation of our Gate Controller,” says CEO Ben Martel. “Thenew pedestal design has been a great advancement, for both easier installation and simpler integration withexisting PARCS equipment. Combining this with advances in Bluetooth communication, access to parking withinugo is faster and easier than ever.”


The inugo Intelligent Gate Controller (IGC) provides rapid, no-touch windows up access to parking facilities. TheAmerican made Gate Controller now comes in a pedestal form, with a small physical footprint. It coexists withexisting PARCS equipment via a simple interconnect for power, gate control & loop recognition. It remainsPARCS agnostic, making it suitable for any parking facility. Installation time has been reduced, taking under 60minutes per lane.


The latest in Bluetooth technology has been implemented, increasing response times and accuracy in lanedetection. The Gate Controller is cellular enabled, increasing reliability to three communication methods witha failover option. The pedestal is also IoT enabled, helping parking operators to increase their network ofconnected parking devices.


The inugo Intelligent Gate Controller is available now across North America, with availability across Europe andAsia Pacific in Q3 2020.



About inugo:

inugo provides parking owners, operators & aggregators the tools and systems to transform their businesses viaan end to end digital PARCS system. It offers a Full Stack parking solution, with gate access, mobile app, customermanagement and payment facilities all available, supporting mixed use locations and dynamic pricing. inugooffers cost and time savings with ticketless and cashless parking – creating a frictionless experience for bothoperators and parkers. For more information please visit


For more information contact: Abbi Faulkner | Marketing Manager inugo Systems