LocoMobi World Introduces Special No-Cost Relief Program During COVID-19 

March 24, 2020

LocoMobi World Introduces Special No-Cost
Relief Program During COVID-19    

Maintain physical distancing safely, securely & conveniently
for buildings with Friction-Free Parking



Install now and receive 6 months free – No capital investment required!



Toronto, Ont. – In these unprecedented times, LocoMobi World believes it is important that companies and individuals pull together and do their part to help protect our communities. With physical distancing being initiated by all levels of government and many private organizations, there is an immediate need to support this policy. With this in mind, LocoMobi World has devised a plan using our seamless and frictionless parking solutions to assist with physical distancing.

As early as today, the government has released new guidelines and initiatives to combat COVID-19. LocoMobi World has joined these programs so that we can offer relief to all buildings and parking facilities from any physical contact. These new guidelines will continue to shape future government policy forever.

Through our offering of CondoPark-Lite, essential visitors and services will have access without the need for any physical interaction while at the same time providing the utmost security. Although these guidelines were issued weeks ago, the government is now becoming more proactive in ensuring they are followed. LocoMobi World is proud to be in the position to offer this relief package for those who realize this is not just a need today but also for the future.

“There is no doubt this current pandemic will do three things: change future companies’ business models, change government initiatives going forward, and change consumers’ demand for better security and clean interaction as we move forward,” says Grant Furlane, CEO LocoMobi World. “ It’s important to understand it’s not just about physical access but also tracking that can be used now and in the future. That is the true solution to the new reality. I, as CEO and Founder of the company, personally have provided my full support to those great companies who I know will commit to these initiatives given the fact that we have shown our commitment to this relief program.”

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