May 26, 2020








  • Launch of Parking API will enable developers and UK fleets to slash the wasted miles spent looking for parking, saving them time and money.

  • Congestion cost the UK economy close to £7 billion in 2019 – enabling OEM’s, fleets, and drivers to drive straight to the parking spot they need can actively reduce congestion and emissions.

  • Harnessing the power of standardised and interoperable parking data is recognised as a key enabler of the UK government’s Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy.

  • With over 450 UK towns and cities included, AppyWay’s Parking API provides access to the largest, standardised dataset for on-street parking in the UK.





LONDON, UK – Tuesday 26th May 2020, AppyWay, the pioneering kerbside management and smart parking firm has today announced the launch of their new Parking API, set to transform how drivers and fleets find parking across the UK. The launch of the API follows an upgrade to the company’s data-driven platform and the successful mapping of parking restrictions for over 450 UK towns and cities, contributing to the creation of the UK’s largest, standardised kerbside restriction dataset.


AppyWay have created their new Parking API to simplify what is often the complicated last part of a driver’s journey. Time spent looking for parking presents a perennial problem for local authorities, as it continues to be a significant contributor to congestion and emissions in cities. Last year, UK drivers spent on average 149 hours stuck in congestion, costing the economy almost £7 billion, in addition to the negative impact on air quality. Parking costs people, businesses, cities and our economy, and according to AppyWay’s CEO and Founder, Dan Hubert,


“The underlying problem is parking information, or as we like to call it, kerbside intelligence. It is difficult for drivers, job schedulers and fleet operators to get easy access to the parking information they need, when they need it. Take for example a carpenter working for a facilities management company. They’re scheduled to work at a site and normally waste time and fuel driving around the location looking for a spot. They need to know if it’s free or legal to park, how much it might cost and more importantly, what is the maximum stay permitted because their job could take more than 2 hours. Our Parking API has been specially designed to be able to expose this level of insight, giving drivers something like a ‘parking sixth-sense’, helping them drive straight to the right space that suits their needs, quickly and safely.”


The award-winning company suggests the Parking API can be leveraged directly by businesses to deliver benefits for their own operations but also by software developers, who are solving problems for their customers and looking to add value across their product offerings. With high-definition coverage, AppyWay uses world-leading processes to aggregate, collect and refresh kerbside data, combining with it an advanced cost calculator engine so that developers can build tailored solutions to meet a wide variety of use cases.


Businesses that operate fleets incur significant operational costs and a myriad of fleet management solutions are available that address a range of cost lines. AppyWay sees the potential for the Parking API to be leveraged directly by such companies, or by their software partners, to increase route efficiency, reduce parking costs and minimise fines.


AppyWay’s Chief Product Officer, Stephen Jones explains:


“Our API can be exploited at different stages of the planning or driving journey. For example, schedulers can benefit from an integration into their job management software to solve the parking challenge before drivers embark on journeys to job locations. Or you could look at it from the side of automotive, with OEMs or Tier Ones for example. Our kerbside insights can be integrated directly into the in-car experience, with parking options presented on maps, enabling a dynamic, real-time solution for drivers. Ultimately, product teams want to be able to delight their customers/users. We’ve built our Parking API so they’ll be able to do just that.”


AppyWay’s Parking API is available for developers to build against, with a limited free trial available following a demonstration. Further details can be found at


Dan Hubert, “It’s an exciting time to be able to launch our re-tooled Parking API and enable developers to build positive solutions, particularly during such uncertain times. We see day by day the need for our cities and citizens to be able to adapt to the current circumstances. An increase in personal car use for work is likely in the short-term, but towns and cities can’t really afford to see a huge spike in congestion. We’re ready to help businesses create innovative solutions with our API, so we can all enjoy more accessible, less congested and safer places to live and work.”


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