IPsens, LLC’s Patented Software Algorithm Leads in Parking Management 

May 27, 2020


IPsens, LLC’s Patented Software Algorithm Leads in Parking Management 



One-of-a-Kind Solution is Capable of Managing Non-Delineated Parking



BRANSON, Mo.—- IPsens, LLC a leading provider of parking guidance software, is proud to announce the installation of its state-of-the-art, patented parking management solutions in several installations around the U.S. The patented algorithms (PATENT NO. US 9,595,194 B1 & US 8,692,688 B1) and their associated, innovative software approach tracks, reports, and provides guidance information for non-delineated parking in a variety of installation types and scenarios. Encompassing on-street parking, multi-level garage structures and surface lot management, as well as truck parking at interstate rest stops in the states of Florid and Ohio. These solutions are both highly versatile and designed to serve specific parking needs associated with the verticals into which they are deployed.

“Our solution provides a performance capability that is both efficient and extremely accurate for managing and monitoring parking in real-time non-delineated scenarios. It gives our clients and their users, clear concise parking data that is easy to use and act on in the most efficient and effective manner available,” said Gorm Tuxen, president and CEO of IPsens, LLC.

The software algorithm was first tested by IPsens in a pilot in New York City as part of the city’s ongoing Smart City initiative. Capable of monitoring and managing on-street parking in scenarios where parking is not distinguished by individual spaces, the system can accommodate the most flexible and maximum use of curb space while maintaining accurate vehicle and space counts.

“The key to our solution is its versatility and ability to work in flexible parking scenarios,” said Tuxen. “Instead of only being to monitor a “by the space” scenario, we can monitor an entire block face and account for any sized vehicle—from small cars, to sedans and SUVs, to box trucks—without having to lose space by delineation. Our solution leverages the patented algorithm to provide the maximum amount of functionality and flexibility. It can accommodate the most efficient and organic parking behaviors to capitalize on all of the available parking real estate.”

About IPsens

IPsens, LLC is the leading provider of cloud-based parking, parking guidance and management solutions dedicated to Making Parking Friendly. IPsens offers open IP parking management software for a variety of commercial and enterprise endeavors, including commercial real estate, hospitals, colleges & universities, airports, truck stops, corporate campuses, and parking lots. IPsens can be found online at www.ipsens.net.