Tattile Inspector software tool for license plate & traffic flow analysis

May 26, 2020




Tattile Inspector software tool for license plate & traffic flow analysis




Camera hardware from Tattile has become famous in the ITS sector for their robustness and accuracy in the most different traffic monitoring scenarios ranging from toll collection on highways to traffic monitoring in dense city areas. In a logical step towards further evaluating the data generated by Tattile cameras the company now introduces the versatile software tool Tattile Inspector which enables to aggregate and analyze the data of all connected cameras in a given area.



As web-based back office software tool the Tattile Inspector can store photos and license plate numbers recognized by a given number of connected cameras in a database. The software then collects and analyzes the pictures taken and can generate a full transit analysis down to specific vehicles which were identified by number plate and other features such a vehicle brand, color, and class. Out of this the system can deliver reports on previously defined parameters. These reports can even be sent by SMS or Email enabling rapid action by traffic authorities, e.g. when a vehicle is blacklisted as reported stolen or involved in a crime.

Through several plug-in options the Inspector database search can be adjusted to specific needs: through filtering based on parameters such as the car segment, brand, model, or country a car profiling can be performed. This even goes beyond the vehicle itself and includes the filtering and matching of a preload list of known faces with the faces detected on the pictures taken from drivers.

The Tattile Inspector software can also be connected to the Italian SCNTT (Sistema Centralizzato Nazionale per Transiti e Targhe). Italian number plates can continuously be checked for valid insurance, revision date and province registration. Inspector also provides VMS integration in Milestone and Arteco.

Even additional environment information can be added on whether conditions and air pollution status if respective devices are connected to the cameras installed. Last but not least, the software also enables grouping of cameras to different accounts, in order to manage different users on the same Inspector installation.

Overall, the new Tattile Inspector software gives users a maximum flexibility to observe and run reports of the traffic flow in a designated area for various purposes.