FlashParking Launches FlashIQ Business Intelligence Engine to Improve Revenue Control and Generation 

June 02, 2020





FlashParking Launches FlashIQ Business Intelligence Engine

to Improve Revenue Control and Generation

Parking asset owners and operators are empowered to make data-driven decisions
in real time with visibility into performance analytics and market forces

Austin, TX (June 2, 2020) – FlashParking, the leader in parking technology, today launched FlashIQ: a robust data engine that gives parking assets access to business intelligence in real-time as part of FlashOS, the industry’s only Mobility Hub Operating System. FlashIQ is the latest feature of Flash’s 21st century parking technology.

FlashIQ empowers parking asset owners and operators with real-time intelligence for key metrics—revenue, occupancy, and equipment health—across a portfolio. The main benefits of FlashIQ include:

  • Faster decision-making with real-time intelligence

  • Optimized revenue generation with portfolio-wide transaction and occupancy insights

  • Minimized downtime with visibility into equipment health

  • Actionable insight mined from cross-location grouping

Parkway Corporation, the largest parking operation in Philadelphia, PA, has been piloting FlashIQ for the past 5 months. Familiar with similar tools, Parkway was intrigued by FlashIQ’s unique portfolio view and real-time equipment monitoring. CIO and CMO of Parkway, RJ Juliano, went on to share, “After incorporating FlashIQ in our daily operational routine, we’ve seen tremendous benefits. FlashIQ’s enterprise-level insights enable revenue control, operational flexibility, and profit optimization while delivering exceptional customer experiences. We can be proactive with decisions that improve our daily operations and inform long term strategy.”

The FlashOS platform powers facilities as the evolve from isolated parking assets to connected mobility hubs. The FlashIQ engine is critical to this transformation as it supports faster decision-making in optimizing day-to-day operations and in developing strategies for future utility, like which new services to add for revenue diversification.

“The parking industry is in the midst of a number of drastic shifts – from consumer behavior to innovations in technology — and asset owners and operators need to be flexible to change,” said Jeff Johnson, VP of Enterprise Solutions at FlashParking. “Urbanization and the new forms of mobility are putting increased pressure on parking assets. FlashIQ is equipping the owners and operators of those assets with valuable information to make decisions that will better serve customers and, in the end, the bottom line. We believe access to real-time business intelligence is no longer a nicety — it is a necessity. That is why FlashIQ comes standard, free of charge with FlashOS.”

FlashIQ is currently available to a limited number of existing FlashParking customers for trial. If you are interested in learning more about FlashIQ or accessing the dashboards, please inquire with FlashParking’s sales team at https://www.flashparking.com/contact/.

About FlashParking

FlashParking is the leader in parking technology powering the transformation from isolated parking assets to connected mobility hubs with the first Mobility Hub Operating System. Once underutilized parking assets are optimizing operations, gaining real-time visibility, and connecting to the smart city through FlashParking’s suite of enhanced 21st century parking, a robust business intelligence engine, and partnerships in the logistics, transportation, and mobility ecosystems. In an age when we have more ways of getting around than ever before, FlashParking is creating value at every turn of the modern mobility experience and opening opportunities in present and future markets. Visit FlashParking.com to learn more.

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