How to ease your customer’s concerns about parking – Touchless Solutions by SKIDATA for ‘corona-proof’ premises

June 23, 2020




How to ease your customer’s concerns about parking – Touchless Solutions by SKIDATA for ‘corona-proof’ premises





Finally a chance to be out and about again!




People are looking forward to leaving the confines of their home and spend an event-filled day in town or in a shopping mall. Eating a juicy slice of takeaway pizza on the go, for example – and perhaps noticing that enjoying their first ice cream cone this year has left a stain on their T-shirt. In other words, getting back to regular daily activities.

That’s great, but…  how are visitors and shoppers supposed to look forward to a day out, enjoying pizza and ice cream – if that means having to press buttons to park their car and waiting in line with people to pay afterwards? These days no one likes to press buttons without knowing who has touched them before. Or waiting in line and wondering if it was just a common cold that caused the person behind them to sneeze. Just the thought is likely to put a damper on the plans of your potential guests.

Touchless solutions for worry-free parking

With the Touchless Solutions by SKIDATA, ease your customers’ worries ahead of time, when they are planning their day. With these promises, let your customers know that they are welcome and better safeguarded with:

  • Online pre-booking or registration
  • No need to open the the car-window when entering or leaving
  • No need to touch a single button
  • Payment by credit card or mobile device


Make good on the promises from the moment your customers enter the car park: a simple wave of the hand in front of the entrance column is all it takes to get a ticket and open the barrier. That’s the first hurdle cleared in touchfree fashion. Then, let your customers pay without having to touch a single button: they simply scan their QR coded ticket with their mobile phone and use it for direct payment – no app required. There’s no waiting in line at the pay-on-foot machine. Just scan, pay and drive.




Completely touchless for ultimate parking safety

All-round safety is a reassuring offer. Your customers simply enter with their vehicle’s license plate and pay by credit card. As they approach the parking garage entry, a camera scans their plate and the barrier opens, and payment is done automatically in a true pay-per-use manner at the exit. Simple and efficient.

Offer a special parking experience for your parkers: direct entry without hold-ups. It’s the same when leaving the parking garage: customers get in and drive out – while payment can be completed later. As a special bonus, reward shopping mall customers with special parking discounts for purchases in partnering stores.

Customers will return to what they can trust in

Parking facilities will be winners if they adapt their premises for arising “new normal” conditions, emerging technical trends and social behavior patterns. Tomorrow’s successful parking businesses will offer their customers safe, state-of-the-art entry, payment and exit – and the reassuring feeling of being welcome.



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