July 22, 2020








LONDON  – The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD) has upgraded its network of CCTV cameras after switching to a new hosted Videalert platformto enforce a wide range of moving traffic contraventions including weight limits, bus lanes, banned turns and box junctions. The five-year contract will see the replacement of the legacy Siemens attended and unattended CCTV enforcement camera solution.


Barking Town Hall and around.


According to Tina Brooks, Interim Head of Parking at the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham:  “We are committed to achieving best value and Videalert is providing us with the latest high definition cameras that deliver significant cost savings and higher productivity whilst offering 99% uptime, a considerable improvement over our previous system.  Based on open standards, the Videalert platform provides us with the flexibility to meet all present and future needs, enabling us to seamlessly upgrade to new cameras as they become available in the marketplace.  The new system will help us meet our commitment to making our streets safer for road users and pedestrians alike.”


Videalert will be installing forty six ONVIF-compliant digital HD CCTV cameras that operate in unattended mode and capture high quality images to minimise discard-rates, increase productivity and help reduce the number of appeals.  The hosted platform allows LBBD to maintain a whitelist of exempt vehicles including buses, taxis and emergency vehicles to further improve efficiency.  Importantly, Videalert will provide a phased transition in parallel with the introduction of a new Back Office Notice Processing system to ensure minimal downtime during the changeover process.


Videalert’s solution also provides a digital attended enforcement facility that utilises LBBD’s existing community safety cameras.  What is more, the platform includes integration with existing mobile enforcement vehicles from third party suppliers, enabling the council to take a phased approach to migrating from existing assets that are nearing end of life.


Captured evidence packs will be stored on Videalert’s hosted digital video platform where they can be accessed and reviewed securely over the internet.  Validated evidence packs will be sent to the council’s back office system to issue penalty charge notices (PCN).  Videalert’s flexible hosted platform makes it a quick and cost effective process to deploy enforcement as it does not require the installation of any IT at the council’s offices.


Multi-level, 24/7 monitoring also enables Videalert to optimise system health and achieve industry-leading availability rates in excess of 99%.  The latest self-healing technologies automatically detect, diagnose and recover the majority of faults with all rebooting and recovery processes taking place without human intervention.  Videalert’s hosted platform will also generate a wide range of reports in line with key service performance KPIs.


According to Tim Daniels, Videalert’s Client Development Director:  “This is a continuation of a general trend whereby Videalert’s enhanced performance and functionality is causing local authorities to re-evaluate what represents best value.  As a result, we are currently replacing an increasing number of legacy systems and enabling enforcement to be extended to further improve compliance without incurring major additional capital expenditure.”


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Videalert is part of Marston Holdings, the UK’s largest transportation and enforcement services group.  It is also one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic management and enforcement solutions. Videalert is the only company able to provide its own suite of attended, unattended, and Mobile Vehicle CCTV enforcement solutions using the same intelligent digital video software platform.  The platform supports the widest range of traffic management and enforcement applications as well as clean air and low emission zones using the same infrastructure.  For further information, please visit or contact:


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