Tattile: Maximize toll system efficiency in Serbia

July 14, 2020



Tattile: Maximize toll system efficiency in Serbia



The tolling infrastructure in the Repulic of Serbia currently covers over 900 highway kilometres with 65 toll plazas; a dense network that requires quick and efficient throughput of vehicles in order to provide a minimum time delay for all drivers. On about 270 toll lanes Tattile Vega Basic short-range cameras are installed for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) purposes, one camera per lane located at the lane entrance. When a vehicle enters the toll lane the Tattile ANPR camera is digitally triggered taking pictures of the vehicle front side to recognize the license plate and send the image via TCP connection to the lane controller.

This vehicle plate recognition information is merged with data received from other parts of system according to the respective payment method. On the manual toll lanes ANPR data are additional data used for better vehicle identification. The data is written onto the magnetic cards used as evidence of regular entry to the system and later for charging on the highway exit lanes.

For the Electronic Toll Collection nonstop lanes the ANPR data from the Tattile number plate recognition cameras are vitally important. Here, the ANPR data needs to be read out up to 200 meters ahead of the crossing point in order to obtain fast and secure vehicle transits and the Tattile ANPR camera software can prove their stable performance against sun flare and in all kind of weather conditions during day or night. On ETC lanes ANPR camera data are compared with automatic vehicle classification and additional On-board Unit (OBU) data in order to maintain successful nonstop transit through the toll lane for a free flow toll system.

As the highway network in Serbia is constantly expanding cameras ANPR camera manufacturer Tattile expects to have further installations at toll lanes in new toll stations. Additionally, the licence plate detection cameras of Italian origin are part of the retrofitting tolling system modernization project in Serbia.