Spacer Launches US App Helping Thousands of Users Make money from Spare Space

August 10, 2020




Spacer Launches US App Helping Thousands of Users Make money from Spare Space




Platform Solves Parking Woes in Major US Cities




San Francisco, CA, (August 10,  2020): Today, the makers of Spacer are excited to announce the stateside launch of their app, a key milestone in their expanding growth in the US market. is a service that connects monthly parkers with spaces, seamlessly and on-demand., currently the largest parking marketplace app in Australia, connects people who have a spare garage or car space with individuals looking for affordable and convenient monthly parking. Likened to Airbnb, the community is made up of thousands of local hosts who are helping users access the extra space that they need on demand. Spaces include driveways, garages and local parking operators. The app provides a simple one-stop shop where drivers can locate all available parking spots in an area, compare prices and book seamlessly. Users can find spots near their work, home, university or any other place that they need. Parking rates vary and are set by hosts, based on recommended benchmarks, with average savings up to 50% on regular retail options.


The benefits flow both ways, with parking space owners able to earn an extra income stream, with some owners earning as much as $6,000 per year with their empty garage or driveway.  It takes less than 10 minutes to list a parking spot online, for free.


To list a space, hosts need to provide photos, dimensions, and details. The dimensions include the length, width, and height and details include the features of the parking space, access, and security details, as well as the distance from any amenities or public transport.


“We are thrilled to launch this new app in the US which will accelerate the strong growth we are already seeing in our platform” said Michael Rosenblum, Spacer co- founder and CEO, “Prototyped and proven in Australia, we’re hoping to help improve parking across America one space at a time. Spare space is a valuable and tradeable commodity that many people and businesses have and even more people need. Seamlessly connecting them is our aim.”


Spacer is available in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Boston, with more coming soon.