Westward Industries Introduces New Three-Wheel Parking-Specific Electric Vehicle – MAX 3

August 17, 2020




Westward Industries Introduces New Three-Wheel Parking-Specific Electric Vehicle – MAX 3



Westward Industries, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of parking-specific vehicles (PSV’s), recently released its new MAX 3 electric vehicle. The three-wheel vehicle is the latest innovation in Westward’s series of MAX vehicles designed to serve parking departments and the needs of parking enforcement officers.



Derived from Westward’s new four-wheel MAX-EV, the MAX 3 series is similar in design but overall, more tailored with parking enforcement in mind. The twin passenger vehicle is designed with two wheels up front for higher speed stability yet maintains a narrow width and footprint which is key for a highly efficient PSV. The MAX 3 series includes three options for Lithium Ion battery power: the MAX 3-8, with a range of up to 40 miles on one charge; the MAX 3-15, with a range of up to 75 miles on one charge; and the MAX 3-20 with a range of up to 100 miles on one charge. The vehicles can also reach a speed of up to 45 miles per hour. According to Westward’s Vice President Chris Franz “The MAX-3 is a game changer for customers that need two passengers aboard and may need to travel at higher speeds. A simple deck on the back allows for easy storage of a few wheel boots. The GO-4 continues to serve Westward’s customer base seeking the nimblest parking-specific vehicle on the market”

Similar to all of Westward’s parking-specific vehicles, the new MAX 3 can be delivered custom-fit and ready to go with license plate recognition software. It can also be outfitted to each organization’s needs including optional doors, heat, air conditioning, custom lighting, and more.

Westward Industries offers a wide range of parking-specific vehicles across both its GO-4 and MAX EV lines.



About Westward Industries

Westward has a strong history of designing and manufacturing task-specific vehicles for use across cities, colleges and universities, healthcare campuses, corporate parking facilities, and more. Their GO-4 series of parking enforcement vehicles adapt to many environments, offering a cost-effective and functional solution to parking management department needs through license plate recognition and digital chalking, while offering flexibility and efficiency not offered with standard vehicles.

As one of the largest manufacturers of task-specific on road vehicles in North America, Westward is leading the industry with smart enforcement vehicle technology that will propel parking enforcement solutions into the future.

For more information, visit https://westwardindustries.com.