Awaken Your Vision with Sep 1-14th, 2020!

September 14, 2020





Awaken Your Vision with Sep 1-14th, 2020!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.” – Helen Keller



It is all in the vision.  These past couple weeks on ParkNews, here are some companies and and news items showing how despite circumstances, we are moving forward and creating value.


This week, JVH is rocking it at NPA’s PMX Live.  Find out which companies he is visiting, what he is learning and what inspires him.

People are driving and buying cars.  Especially used cars. Neal E. Boudette writes in NY Times:  “Used cars are usually overlooked in the fanfare accorded to cutting-edge electric cars and gussied-up pickup trucks. Now they are suddenly the industry’s hottest commodity.

Consumers are snapping up used vehicles as second or third cars so they can avoid trains, buses or Ubers during the coronavirus pandemic. Others are buying used rather than new to save money in an uncertain economy, not knowing when they or their spouse might lose a job. Demand for older cars has also been fed by a roughly two-month halt in production of new cars this spring.” Good news for parking?  Yes indeed.


Good news for parking comes from ParkMobile for one and Passport.  ParkMobile entered  new partnerships with the cities of Fresno, Clearwater, Orlando, and the Chattanooga Parking Authority to consolidate reporting, policies and rates for their entire parking operation in the ParkMobile 360 platform.  Passport has teamed up with with Alphabet Inc.’s Google to allow consumers in Austin, Texas, to pay for parking through Google Maps using Google Pay at on-street and municipally controlled parking spaces.


PayByPhone has brought a better parking experience to Camden, NY and to University of Nevada, Reno campus.


The news from London is that “AppyWay announced the launch of its £20 million Series B funding round. This will be used to support organic growth of the platform, strategic acquisitions, further technological investment and international scalability.”


There is a new President and Chief Operating Officer at Walker Consultants.  His name is Dave Ryan, PE.  “In his new position, Mr. Ryan will be responsible for the implementation and execution of the strategies and activities required to achieve the company’s operations’ objectives. He will additionally continue his role as the Managing Director of the central region. “Dave brings a strong background in the wide rangeof services that Walker offers and leadership qualities that will take the company to the next level” says John Bushman, Chairman and CEO.”

Other companies on the move are ParkVia.  They come to Tirana, Albania’s only international airport to “kickstart the brand’s campaign for growth following a hiatus for COVID-19.”


And Applied Professional Systems (APS) has been selected to install a smart, simple, and scalable EnSight Technologies parking guidance system at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California.


On Sep 22nd at 2 pm EDT gtechna brings you their webinar: Future Technology Today – Ensuing Your Laws Support Ticket by Mail.


Last but not least, read JVH’s latest blogs, especially the one in remembrance of 9/11.


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