Premium Parking Introduces GLIDE Eye LPR™ with Enhanced Parking Access Control & Enforcement

September 09, 2020





Premium Parking Introduces GLIDE Eye LPR™ with Enhanced Parking Access Control & Enforcement




New Technology Aims To Eliminate Parking Gates



New Orleans, LA – September 9, 2020 – Premium Parking the gateless parking leader has added license plate recognition (LPR) compliance technology to GLIDEPARCS®, the company’s leading cloud-based parking management platform. Premium developed the technology platform that powers one of the largest fully frictionless, gateless parking networks in the United States. The company’s addition of GLIDE Eye LPR’s innovative enhanced enforcement strategies and enterprise analytics tools makes the GLIDEPARCS® full-stack parking management platform the most modern, cost effective, no barrier, contactless parking solution on the market.


Premium partnered with MPS (Municipal Parking Services) to build this feature in to GLIDEPARCS® to expand the software suite as a complete end-to-end parking solution for enterprise clients and small to medium size businesses to enable open, gateless access while maintaining full visibility and control over their operations.


Premium worked exclusively with MPS to create the GLIDE Eye LPR integration. MPS has over 30 patents granted or pending around the technology.


“Mobile phones and cloud-based software has changed parking as we know it. The entire parking industry has been truly reimagined around gateless, frictionless parking. With the expertise we hold in designing and building smarter parking operations, combined with the machine learning and analytics that powers GLIDE Eye, we have added another piece to the best-in-class GLIDEPARCS® system. Our clients know the financial and revenue benefits of gateless parking; we now offer a complete end-to-end solution for those who desire the flexibility and data insights of digital parking with high security and revenue control,” states Ben Montgomery, Premium Parking President.


GLIDE Eye LPR enables enhanced compliance and increased efficiency for even more flexibility and control in a gateless parking lot or garage. The technology gives parking facility operators, property and assets managers access to a fully customizable suite of enterprise analytics tools for the most advanced frictionless parking access and revenue control solution in the marketplace. GLIDE Eye LPR adds these valuable features and benefits:


  • Enhanced visibility and access control with 24/7/365 data capture
  • Monitor parkers with real-time association of vehicles entering location with payments made via mobile, web, reservations, kiosk or pay machine
  • Synchronization of permits and visitor validations with real-time verification of active parking credentials (Integrates directly with Premium’s Cloud Permits® solution to eliminate the complexity of permit parking management.)
  • Automated violation creation for non-payment or expired sessions with customizable location-specific grace periods
  • High-definition camera surveillance with full photo documentation with time/date stamps
  • Automated citations with end-to-end mailed invoicing and collections management
  • Enterprise analytics with usage and occupancy trends, insight alerts and custom reporting


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About Premium Parking:

Premium is a software and parking management company positioned at the intersection of parking and technology, combining first-class products and services with a nationwide network of expert human intelligence. The company operates completely frictionless, touchless parking locations that make parking easier for customers, powered by GLIDEPARCS® – the leading enterprise-class gateless parking management software platform. GLIDEPARCS® is the only complete full-stack platform that combines parking access and revenue control (PARCS), contactless digital payments, online reservations, permits, validations, enforcement, enterprise analytics and marketing – all on one simple, cloud-based platform. Premium offers parking management services for retail, commercial, hospitality, airport, transit, campus, venue and healthcare clients of all sizes. In addition, Premium’s new parking solutions like PARK AND RIDESHARE, FLEX LOTS®and STAR SPACES®  is helping retailers, hoteliers, and small to medium size businesses unlock new revenue opportunities and make managing parking easier.



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