October 13, 2020










Leading Parking Technology Company Becomes Arizona’s Sole Supplier of Cutting-Edge TIBA PARCS Equipment




Phoenix (October 13, 2020)— Access Professional Systems (APS) announced today that it has expanded into Arizona, becoming the state’s sole provider of TIBA Parking Solutions parking access and revenue equipment. In addition to selling and installing TIBA’s industry-leading parking equipment, APS will also maintain and service all TIBA equipment installed in Arizona, including previously purchased equipment.


“APS is recognized throughout southern California for extraordinary customer service and for taking a customer-for-life approach to our business,” said Chris Scheppmann, president of Access Professional Systems. “We are excited to be partnering with TIBA Parking Solutions to bring this level of service to Arizona, which is one of the fastest growing markets in the nation, with a booming demand for smart parking solutions. TIBA and APS are 100% committed to providing world class project delivery, service, and support for parking owners throughout Arizona, just as we have done in southern California for over 40 years.”


Access Professional Systems is an experienced TIBA Certified Value-Added Reseller and the leading TIBA sales and support partner in Southern California. APS is particularly well-known as a premier provider of maintenance and servicing of parking equipment. In addition to parking technology, APS will be bringing its other services to the market providing installation and support of gate automation systems, commercial doors, and building access control systems. As part of APS’ expansion into the state, the company will be opening a new Arizona office in the coming weeks.


“TIBA’s partnership with APS is great news for our customers in Arizona, as well as parking owners who install TIBA equipment in the future,” said Kirk Hillquist, Vice President-Sales for Tiba Parking Solutions. “APS and it’s people are extraordinarily skilled at keeping TIBA equipment running smoothly and seamlessly, and we are excited that they will be bringing their skill and experience to our customers in Arizona.”



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