Airport parking, ticket dispensers, valet parking and Uber – Sep 29th – Oct 5th, 2020

October 05, 2020







Airport parking, ticket dispensers, valet parking and Uber – Sep 29th – Oct 5th, 2020




Have you parked at the airport lately?  Have you interacted with a parking kiosk attendant? Have you valet parked since Covid begun?  Have you been “touchless” in your parking experience? Have you taken Uber or Lyft to your destination?


I took TNCs, I parked at the airport, I have flown, I valet parked at Chanel, I parked in Beverly Hills when the ticket dispenser gave me free two hours.  And then in the latter the parking attendant asked me hi, how are you, who makes your dress?  Pippa Holt I replied. Do you really want to know?  Now, I am allergic to masks and no conversations I simply wanted to talk.


Clean Touches or touchless  are the key.  And here I was leaving Bev Hills Rodeo Drive and  had to give printed ticket to an attendant.  The attendant that wanted to have a conversation.  What are we missing?


Windex anyone?  Rewatch My Fat Greek Wedding?  Was it funny and insane then?  How about now?  We are so Greek sans the souvlaki and ouzo.


Touchless is the key again this week when we might need a contact.  Face to look at. Give this dispenser ticket too


Text away: TEZ and T2 announce T2MobilePay powered by TEXT2PARK – “T2 MobilePay can be white labeled in the TEXT2PARK® transaction and digital receipt screens to promote individual locations, brands, and parking programs. The system can also be used to send real-time, geotargeted public messages and digital banner ads to end users, creating a brand-new monetization opportunity for operators and a more personalized guest experience for customers.”

Jerry Skillett is here with Spaces USA addressing contactless payments: “ “The biggest challenge in mobile payments for parking is that you are in a motor vehicle and in a traffic pattern in which you are rarely the only person entering or exiting the facility,” said Jerry Skillett, CEO of Spaces USA. “It is not like standing in a line at Starbucks where you open your mobile pay app while waiting. It’s different when you are in a car, and someone is ready to honk if you are doing something that takes more than eight seconds.”
That sort of scenario unfolds when trying to do any type of automated payment from the car that calls for the driver to scan a bar code or get a paper ticket.
“If you are not 5’11” and 170 pounds, you might struggle with that, or even have to get out of the car to do it,” Skillett said.
Spaces USA has addressed those concerns with a system in which the driver pulling into a garage using Spaces technology sees a sign with a phone number to call that opens the gate. After entering and parking, the driver engages in a one-time payment credential process a few minutes later by receiving a text message from Spaces requesting a photo of a payment card and a ZIP code be sent via a link that opens the Stripe processing platform. Spaces never touches the payment information, which Stripe keeps PCI compliant and secure through encryption and cloud storage.”

Parker Technology : “Parker Technology is successfully providing 24/7 customer support for eight Peak Parking garages across Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Seattle, WA and Pacific Palisades, CA. Peak Parking has been a Parker Technology customer since November 2016, and most recently implemented Parker’s customer service solution in two Dallas, TX garages that serve a revamped uptown district with retail and office spaces.”

Propark Mobility Launches New Website to Enhance Modern Parking Experience.

FlashParking boutht Mountain Parking Equipment.

And once again ParkMobile and Passport and PayByPhone are on the move to go contactless.  Still, it might be all in Windex …


Or it is touch and persistence because Charlie Youakim and Jenn Youakim just had a baby.  Passport to possibility awaits this most wanted baby boy.  God bless the parents and the child.

… thank you.