Tattile: Smooth free flow tolling in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

October 07, 2020



Tattile: Smooth free flow tolling in Slovakia and the Czech Republic




Tattile Vega Smart cameras are a preferred choice for electronic free flow tolling systems in many countries across the globe. As such they have also been chosen for two tolling projects recently deployed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Both projects included the installation of stationary enforcement gantries equipped with Tattile Vega Smart 2HD cameras to continuously control if trucks using the highway have paid the relative toll fee. 50 Vega Smart HD cameras have been installed on gantries above Slovakian highways and further 180 cameras in the multi lane free flow tolling system on the highway network in the Czech Republic in order to maintain 24/7 toll monitoring.

The motion and real-time licence plate identification algorithm together with OCR running inside the camera make the Vega Smart 2HD a reliable non-invasive solution for recognition of transiting vehicles up to a speed of 250 km/h. Furthermore, a vehicle recognition algorithm can optionally be uploaded easily in the camera like the concept of apps in modern smartphones. This algorithm then delivers additional ‘BCCM’ information including the vehicles´ brand, colour, class and model. These further classification parameters allow generating a unique fingerprint of each vehicle to complement the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) accuracy and thus increase reliance of smooth free flow tolling.

All Tattile smart anpr (alpr) cameras on the monitored road networks send their image data of the moving vehicles to the central enforcement system of the free flow toll system. Here, the actual control process is performed and in case of traffic offence fines are generated for the unlucky drivers which were detected by the camera eyes of Tattile Vega Smart.