The boomerang affect – when it all returns to you – notes Oct 20-26, 2020

October 26, 2020

The boomerang affect – when it all comes returns to you – notes Oct 20-26, 2020


“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” –Isaac Newton


Next week we get to vote.  And make a choice.  Are you choosing your guy because you appreciate him or are you choosing your guy because you don’t like the other guy?


If you go to a dinner party at which all the dishes are prepared with artichokes or asparagus, and you can’t stand artichokes while you love asparagus.  Don’t you simply pick up the asparagus dishes and enjoy them instead of telling others how much you despise artichokes?

This week I think it is redundant to say what is happening with the industry.  I need to up my enthusiasm and will do so by next week.  For now, the key is from JVH, Love your Guy and vote for him. As here in JVH’s blog – A Solution for the Divisive Crisis in which We Find Ourselves – JVH, Parking Today 


An Invitation to you all of you willing: Parking has been a Cinderella of the transportation industry.  Payment industry also.  So do you need a quarter to feed your creativity meter?  Missing those ubiquitous now missing coins.  Please send me your stories by Nov 10th.

In the meantime, read to find out what, who, when and how.   This is short this week because I am human and simply can’t “cliff” what is visible on the peak.  But I pray for your peace and bliss and success.  Thank you.




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